Snack Time!

This post is part of my Back to School Extravaganza!

Snack Time!

My son starts preschool soon, I'm sure anyone who has been following my back to school extravaganza knows.  As part of the preschool rules each parent is require to provide snacks for the entire class for a week.  :) I happen to be over excited about this!  
For anyone else who has to do this a few things to take into consideration  are food allergies of the class mates, make sure whatever you make isn't to messy, how easily it is packed up to transport to the classroom and also the number of kids you must serve. 

A few weeks ago I made a post for picky eaters, dinner-round-1-fight    Since I have a picky eater I have been making food fun for a long time and I can't wait to be able to make my sons class fun snacks :)  
My son has already made several request, his top being fruit kabobs:

 This one is just strawberries and grapes on a bendy straw.  You can improvise with whatever fruit you like also you an make the fruit into fun shapes with cookie cutters :)

    Another thing he requested was popcorn ball snowmen, depending which week I get I don't know if I can do this.  I don't think kids want to eat snowmen in September :).  You make these by making popcorn balls in 3 different shapes for the body, use broken pretzels for the arms and chocolate chips for the eyes.  My kids love them :)
    A fun idea is jello aquariums.  My son didn't request this, but I still plan on doing it.  Basically you get a see through cup I use the throw away kind.  Next make blue jello.  As you put the jello in the cup you add gummy fish :)  I tried using crushed up gram crackers on the bottom for sand but my son told me it was gross :(.    I think the kids will like these too at least I hope they do.

   I never made this before, but I just found a really cute idea for a veggie snack.  You get an ice cream cone to represent a "pot" then you stick some kind of dip inside can be peanut butter, cream cheese anything really.  Next you have small celery pieces sticking out like they are growing.  I would also add a small bag of celery since I won't be able to fit much into the cone, but I still thought it was a really cute idea.  :) 
(Again many kids have nut allergies make sure to find out before you make any snack for your child class.)

Some other things I may do are muffins, granola bars, and sweet potato chips as a side.

If anyone else knows of a fun snack let me know in the comment section :)  As the mother of a picky eater I'm always looking for inspiration!