SoBelle Pets Review

SoBelle Pets Review

Recently I was giving the opportunity to review 2 beautiful harness's for my pups from Sobelle Pets.  I was also giving the chance to meet an incredible woman whom has a story that really touched my heart.  As you all know I'm a huge supporter of adopting pets, so much so that every Friday I dedicate a post to an adoptable pet.  So when I tell you this story of the Sobelle Pet's shop you will understand as to why I was amazed and inspired by the owner.
I will copy and paste part of the email I received from her, because no way I word it will do it honor.
"I lost my beloved yorkie Sophie Belle in November 2011, she was a former puppy mill dog. Because of her mistreatment, (the puppy millers let her claws grow into her paw pads and she had to walk on her "elbows") she was mostly crippled in her front legs. Because of that, I carried her everywhere and she was my constant companion. I named my business So Belle because that was one of Sophie's nicknames and I really wanted to honor her. I've kept her legacy of love alive by adopting not 1 but 2 former puppy mill yorkies. They were my inspiration for starting to make harnesses, because for pups who have spent their lives in cages, with limited human contact, trying to slip a nylon harness over their heads was clearly terrifying."

" I get told how lucky the girls are that I gave them a good home, but the truth is, I saved them and they saved me right back."

I was in awe of her beautiful story.  She created a shop and product that was very near and dear to her heart.  To say a lot of love goes into her work would be an understatementI am truly honored to be able to review for Sobelle Pets.

As you can see the harness are beautiful and fashionable!  My girls loved strutting their stuff :)
Each harness is hand made and 100% cotton.  SoBelle has a lot of different material to choose from.  If you do not see your size on her shop contact her and she can figure out what size you would need and if she could make it.

A few benefits for me with the Harness:
~Lucy is a puller!  With the harness I have more control of her and she also doesn't choke herself when she pulls.

~  It was easy to remove and put on.  And because of the Velcro straps it didn't freak my dogs out.  They hate having things pulled over their heads. 
~The D ring was double stitched for added security.  
~Emma is a bit of a munchkin so it was nice to have her in a harness, she was so much easier to spot when we were playing outside.
~  Oh and did I mention?  My girls looked super cute!  

~  And morally I loved the fact my girls were sporting Sobelle products, knowing how much love went into them.  My girls get to wear them with pride.  When someone ask about their harness's I get to tell the amazing story of a pup name Sophie Belle!

Want a Sobelle Harness  for your pup?  Check out the link below:

or follow her on facebook to stay up to date.

Disclaimer:  I received the product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own and honest.