Won't you be my friend?

Won't you be my Friend? 

Tonight adoptable pets.

~ Always for you Rocky, I love you! ~

This was my shelter pup.  Won't you be my friend is dedicated to his memory.

Remember a dog is a life time responsibility.  They need love and care.  Adopting or deciding to be a pet owner is not a decision you should make lightly.  But if you are ready for a pet and ready to take that step in making a life long friend who will always love you even if your having a really bad hair day or if you clothes don't match, a friend who will get excited just because you are home even if you only been gone for 5 minutes, a friend who will sleep at your feet at night and not care if you snore,  a friend who will eat your burnt dinner and act as if it taste amazing, a friend who will love you just because your you....  If you are ready for that friend Then please consider adopting. 



Shepard Mix

Adoptable at Pottsville Pa.

Buster is a nine year old Shepherd mix he was taking to the shelter because his family was having a second child and had no time for poor Buster. Buster is the sweetest boy and deserves a chance at a great home. Buster has been neutered is ready for adoption.

Here is a link to the Hillside webpage: http://www.hillsidespca.com/ 
you can also contact them by phone:  (570)622-7769
Or you can even visit them their hours are:  11am to 3pm everyday including Saturday and Sunday.

Hillside adopts to people anywhere, you do not have to be local to my area to adopt.

*~*~Please share this post, lets get Buster a home.  Share today because tomorrow may be to late~*~*

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