Eco Lips review and giveaway

Eco Lips review

Eco Lips


Recently I was given the opportunity to review 4 Eco Lips products. 
Even before I received the product I loved the facts that they are made with organic product and made in the USA!!
Then when I received the lip balms I fell in love with them!  I'm going to write a little bit about each of them and what made me like them :)
Grape from the pure and simple line.
This has the most amazing grape smell!!  I mean obviously its called grape, but I was so amazed that the second I took the cap off I could smell it!  When I wore it on my lips I could smell grapes all day :)!!  The product gets even more amazing it is completely 100% edible, so that means its safe for you kids to use :)  I know my little guys lick their lips a lot when I put lip balm on them.  Now I don't have to worry :)
Sugar Plum eco-tints.
This is so continent it is tinted to give you some color.  I put this one in my purse so that when I'm out I have it handy :) .  It made my lips super smooth.  The tints come is 6 different shades so there is something for everyone.
One World Orange Spice
One World lip balms have ingredients from around the globe !  Bring us all the finest for the perfect lip balm.  I choose orange spice which is meant to rejuvenate and neutralize free radicals.  Did I mention the amazing orange smell :)!  
I'm sure you can tell I choose 3 fruity smelling lip balms!  To be fair our lips are right under our noses and I love wearing fruity lip balm because I get to smell it for hours :)!  Plus my kids are a little less fussy if their lip balm smells good :)

Gold premium lip balm
These are for when only the finest lip balm with do.  They heal lips quickly.  They are USDA organically approved.  
I also love they were attached to a clip.  I clipped this onto my purse and did not have to go digging for it when I needed it, once something goes into my purse there is a good chance it may not come back out!

Eco-Lips also has many other products such as sun protection, specialty, face sticks, dagoba chocolate, and honest kids lip balms!  They really have something for everyone.  You can go to their website and check their store locator to see where they sell near you :) Website

I love the 4 I received, I'm so impressed with how smooth my lips were and also how amazing everything smelled!  I love the fact its made with organic products, they are USDA certified organic, and they are made in the USA! 

Disclaim:  I received these products in return for an honest review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

The amazing people at EcoLips are offering a follower from Simply me a chance to win a Gold balm on and Eco clip!  The contest is open to USA and Canada.  Please see raffalcopter below to enter.

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