Polar Bear Coolers Review

Polar Bear Coolers Review

Polar Bear Coolers offer soft side coolers that are leak proof and sweat proof.  Has a five-layer air trap design that is guaranteed to keep ice cold for 24 hours in 100-degree!  Also will keep your hot stuff hot!
Super durable outside which makes Polar Bear Coolers great for camping and other outdoor activity!  
I also love that they are easily transported and have a lot of room inside.  When not in use they fold down to a nice store-able size.  Easy to clean, you just wipe it down with soap and water.
 Looks so much nicer then the average cooler!  I love the handles and that they make is really easy to transport around.
 Insulated inside keeps your cold stuff cold, and your hots hot :)
I'm trying to show you here how deep it goes.  I had my hand flat and it went all the way to my underarm.  So I was able to fit so much stuff in here.

My family and I took our cooler camping.  We stocked it up and were so impressed with how it kept all of our food cool for us, my hubby couldn't get over the fact of all the stuff he could fit in and I was impressed that I could just turn the cooler inside out when it was time to clean :)
  I sadly in my haste to pack for camping forgot my camera :(  so I don't have any photos to show!!

Another thing my hubby can't wait for is football season.  He keeps telling me all the stuff he is going to put in the cooler and take to his "football parties" with him.....  My hubby's football parties consist of him locking himself in our bedroom with a year supply of food and drink!!  So this cooler will be perfect for that :)

Polar Bear Coolers offer many more items at their site, I will leave the links below for you to check them out:

Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for a honest review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.