RW Garcia review

At RW Garcia, they are changing the way people snack, with a single mission in mind: great tasting can be good for you. Their Snacks are a healthy delicious combinations of corn and other natural ingredients. They have a huge selection of tortilla chips from the finest, all-natural ingredients including organic and stone ground non-GMO corn and seasonings, but as a huge added bonus their snacks contain no additives or preservatives. All their chips are wheat free, and most are also gluten free.  They also offer crackers which have all the same great health benefits.

I was so excited when I found out I would have the chance to review for them!  I couldn't wait to try the tortilla chips with my favorite dip.  Also I was excited about trying a healthy guilt free way of snacking.

These are the flavors I was given to review RW Garcia does offer more flavors and like I said before crackers.  I'm sure you can see there is something for everyone.  The only problem I had was which to try first!  

My problem was solved when my husband informed me we would be doing our yearly football draft at our house.  So I got out all the chips at once and got to try each of them...... 

 Wondering what I thought???

I LOVE them!  Everyone at the draft was so impressed with how good they were.  Then when I told them all the ways they were a healthier way to snack they didn't believe me.  They just didn't think something that tasted that good could also be healthy.  We tried them with dip, ate them just so, and at one point my brother even melted cheese and we loved them that way too.  
You can eat them several different ways and every time still experiences the same great taste. So now not only have a found a health snack for my family I also found my next great hit for parties and get together!
RW Garcia wants us to know great tasting can be good for you.  After tasting their chips and the way everyone else loved them I would have to say RW Garcia definitely proved their point.

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 RW Garcia

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Disclaimer:   I received these products in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own.