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Valentina Shoes Review

Hip girls.  Happy feet.

  I was recently given the chance to review a pair of Valentina shoes!  I was super excited and couldn't wait....  Then I realized the shoes were for tweens!!  I was looking at these and wanted to wear them myself that is how cute they are!  
   Thankfully my cousin graciously agreed to let me borrow his daughter and I was still able to review these super cute shoes!  (Even though I'm a bit jealous of my little cousin and her new shoes ;)!!)
       The shoes could have fit me that is the great thing about Valentina shoes some of the sizes will fit adults, but I wanted to promote them for their true purpose and that was for girls!  And it worked out perfect, because I know all parents are looking for Back to School clothing right now and these would be great for that!

My review

    Valentina shoes is a shoe brand built on creativity!  They owner and founder comes from a world of design and has kept the creative spark alive with her shoes!
  Recently Valentina was selected as a showcase designer at Austin Fashion week!!

Valentina shoes are durable, comfortable, and super cute.
My little cousin was so excited when she seen them and couldn't wait to try them on.
I told my little cousin the design on her shoes was a peace sign and she replied.  "My new shoes make my toes feel peaceful."   I thought that was so cute!

Here are some photos from the website:

 The first shoe is the Stella sandal. This was the design I was looking at for myself!  See they are totally cute!  (And yes I do plan on getting myself a pair for Christmas!)

Next is the Espadrilles.  Same as the pair I'm review just this is a blank white canvas so that your tween can design their own shoes!  How cool is that!

And the final photo is the ballet flats.  I know flats are really big right now tweens and all little girls need these in their wardrobe.

~Here is a size chart for Valentina Shoes

Since I reviewed the Espadrilles I will tell you a few things I LOVED about them.
~ Cute - I'm sure anyone looking at the photos can see how cute they are.
~ Durable - my little cousin was able to run around in these.
~ Comfortable - I asked my little cousin if they were pinching her feet or felt weird.  She put her hand on her hip and gave me all the attitude of a little girl and she said, "No I already told you they feel peaceful." 
~ Versatile - I like that these can be dressed up and look super cute with a dress, but they are also versatile enough that you can wear them to play too.

I know right now everyone is looking for great back to school items!  I think these are a must have for back to school The Espadrilles can be worn in summer or fall and will make any outfit look fashionable.
They come in a wide range of different sizes and colors so there is something for everyone!
Want to learn more see my links below:

Disclaimer:  I was giving these shoes for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review, all opinions are my own.

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