Champion Me books review and GIVEAWAY!

Champion Me books review and GIVEAWAY!

 Recently I was given the chance to review for the Champion Me books company.  It is a company that allows you to customize your children's books!  I think personalized books really promotes our children to get into reading.  I think it adds a fun twist to story time.  Also I think they make amazing keepsakes.

For this review I'm going to try something different :)  I'm going to Question myself on things I think a consumer would ask and then give my honest answer :)

So what sets Champion Me books aside from other companies? 

You get to make the character in the book look like your child, your child name goes right into the book, the company has received several awards, and last and surely not least they put a lot of time and effort into making sure you get the best quality.

How is the quality and appearance of the book?

Amazing I took several photos that I will included at the end of this review to show just how high quality my sons book is.  The story kept my 4 year old and 1 year old's attention and they loved the photos!  The people who make these books really know how to entertain children.  The story line has my kids excited and the illustrations have them in awe.

What else would you say you liked about the book?

I loved the fact that I got to make a dedication at the beginning of the book.  Right now my son may not think that is a big deal, but years from now when he pulls it out I think reading it will put a smile on his face.  I know this book will be a keepsake for him and a beloved childhood memory.  The characters in the book are lovable, the story enjoyable, and no matter how many times I read it my sons always ask for me to read it again :) 

What do they all offer?

The offer their stories in e-copy, soft cover, and hard cover.  They have 4 stories for you to choose from.  And it is very hard to choose each story is fun and brilliantly made.

After a long debate I choose to review "Quinn and the Stonkeroplous"
Quinn loved it and could not believe he was in the story.  At some points he even acted out what was happening in the book!  As you can see below he had his arm outstretched like book Quinn.
 In a Champion Me Book your child gets to be the hero.  They are the story.
 My kids couldn't wait to turn the page and see the next part of the adventure.
 I really do think it made story time much more fun for both my children.  Now not only is mommy reading them a book, now I'm reading a book that they are part of.
 Here is the other books that you can personalize with your child's name.
 I loved that their was a dedication page that I could personalize. 
 I wanted to post a few photos of the amazing illustration from the book.

I'm sure you can see that my boys loved their Champion Me Book, as did I.   It really does making reading time a whole different experience.

 Would you like to learn more?  Or purchase a book for your child?
Check out my link below: 

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of a honest review.  I was not paid to write this review all opinions are my own.

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