Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet Review

Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet Review

Recently I was given the chance to review Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet Salsa and Chips.  This was the perfect time to do this review because my boys had their birthday party Saturday.  I got to get a wide range of opinions on the Chips and Salsa.

They were a HUGE hit!  I had the chance to try 3 different salsas

Roasted Chile With Black Beans And Garlic
Fire Hot Salsa With Habanero Peppers
 Roasted Pueblo Chile And Cilantro
Each had its own unique taste!  The men in my family seemed to LOVE Fire hot Salsa with Habanero peppers :)!  I personally liked the Roasted Pueblo Chile and Cilantro.  Everything tasted so fresh and vibrant!  I was so impressed and I was even more impressed when I read this on the website: "With our salsa you can rest assured that you are getting only fresh veggies, NEVER canned. Many jarred salsa companies use canned vegetables to cut costs and extend shelf life. Not us! No thank you!
We hand cut and fire roast our vegetables before cooking and jarring, so you'll get a flavor that is as close to granny's fresh made stuff as you can get. "
Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet Salsa is def. top of the line salsa!
Well you can't have a great salsa with out an amazing chip to put it on!  Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet has that covered too.
I was sent 5 bags of chips to try.

                              Black Bean & Garlic
Chipotle & White Corn
Sesame Medley
Thick & Heart Toasted Corn
Thin White Corn

 I actually recognized all the ingredients in these chips!  They were so good and tasted amazing with the salsa!  My family devoured these at the party and needless to say none made it home!

Want to hear even more great things about these products?
all natural
 non GMO corn 
0 grams trans fat 
cholesterol free
no artificial flavors colors or preservatives
no added sugar 
no MSG 
good source of fiber 
and Low in sodium
I'm so impressed with Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet and I highly recommend the to everyone!
Want to check them out for yourself?
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disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  all opinions are my own.