Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Soya Review and Giveaway

I eat Soy sauce on Everything steak, pork, chicken, rice ect ect ect!
The problem with Soy sauce is it not that good for you....  well at least I thought so until I found Little Soya!

Little Soya is a less sodium and gluten-free soy sauce.  Less sodium was def. a must have for me! Little Soya has 45% less sodium than the leading soy sauce brand.   I’m not sure if you ever seen the label on a bottle of regular soy sauce… but its not pretty!!
To top it off Little Soya is non-GMO tested and contains no MSG.

I love the bottles it comes in making it easy to not only enjoy at home, but to also enjoy on the go.  You have no clue how many times I asked for soy sauce at a steak house and had them tell me they didn’t have it!  They only have steak sauce!  So these little packages will come in handy for :)
OH and its gets better tish-shaped, fun containers are recyclable and re-sealable!

So are you wondering how it tasted?
It had the perfect blends of salts and sweet flavor bringing out the flavor of my dish and not over powering it!
I can't wait to try Little Soya in my homemade beef jerky!
(Recipe to be posted later :)!!)
I will will never got to my over salty unhealthy Soy sauce from now on I will be using Little Soya!

Little Soya is available  750 grocery stores all across the country such as HEB, Kroger, Randall’s, Safeway, Tom Thumb, Von’s, Albertson’s, King Kullen, Stop & Shop, Big Y, Phoenicia, Spec’s and many more.
Or you can buy online here:


I received this product for the purpose or review all options are my own. 


  1. I learned that "Our unique shape, cute look and economical fish container allows you to take us with you when you’re “on the go” — having a special dinner party at home or to allow your special guests and customers the ability to use the best tasting soy sauce in the world!"

  2. I learned that the soy sauce is made from the freshest and highest quality products making it better for you than regular soy sauce. And that once you use it, you won't have the salty after taste like the others have.

  3. suebunting1977at(gmail)dot(com) something I learned is Little Soya is the cleanest soy available in the market as it is non-GMO tested and contains no MSG.

  4. It can be enjoyed by people suffering from high blood pressure because it contains less sodium!

  5. The fun fish-shaped containers are re-sealable and recyclable!

  6. It is gluten free! =)

  7. Jessamine Marie Ricafort DungoNovember 17, 2012 at 8:16 PM

    You can use it on the go not just at home. :)

  8. I learned that it is better than regular soy sauce and that you can even carry it with you to use at restaurants! :)