Pyure’s Natural Stevia

Want a better alternative to imitation sugar? Pyure’s Natural Stevia Sweetener is a great-tasting, zero-calorie, healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners!
Pyure is also non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO project which means that they do not use genetically modified foods to produce their sweetener. All n packages will feature the non-GMO verified seal.So are you looking for that great alternative?? 
 As someone with a dad who has diabetes, I always am!  Its how I knew Pyure would be perfect for him!  So it was with him in mind that I contacted Pyure to see if I could review.
The company sent me a box of Pyure All-Natural Stevia Sweetener.  These can be used in anything you already use sugar in!  Tea, coffee, my hubby likes to put it on his toast!  My dad though is very picky so he was the one I was worried about liking it.

Wondering if he liked the taste?
He said it was Amazing!  Well okay my dad said it was good tasted fine.....  But to my dad that is the equivalent of amazing lol!!
The packets are perfect for on the go too!  When we are going out to eat or to a relatives house I tell my mom to take a few for my dad.  That way I don't have to worry about him :)

Want to learn more and check out the company for yourself?  See my link below:

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All options are my own.