Sante Bakery Review

Sante Bakery Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to try and review a Sante Bakery treat!  
I bet you are wondering who Sante Bakery is? 
"Santé" - in French literally means "health". Sante Bakery's goal is to offer us foods that are health and right from the earth!
They use local and organic ingredients only.
Their labels are made of post-consumer recycled materials.
Their inner wrappers are biodegradable.
Their inks are vegetable derived.
So needless to say they are health and green!  Both of which are 2 of my favorite things :).

So are you wondering what item I got to review?
The Chocolate Goji Berry Cookie!
All I have to say is yes its taste as good as it sounds and looks!

These cookies are made with organic whole wheat flour, organic white whole wheat flour,organic rolled oats, organic goji berry, turbinado raw sugar, organic unsweetened apple sauce, egg, organic vanilla extract.
The only problem is once you eat one you just can't stop!
The cookie was so soft and melted in my mouth.  Also this was my first time eating a Goji berry.  I LOVED it.  IT had such a unique and sweet flavor.
I loved them, my kids loved them, and my hubby loved them :)
They were a guilt free treat for the whole family! 
You can tell Sante Bakery takes their time in making quality food products.  These cookies had it all.  Taste, texture, and they were healthy!

Want to learn more about Sante Bakery and see all the other great items that they have?  See my link below. 
Sante Bakery

Disclaimer:  I was given these products to review.  In no way was I paid to write the review.  All opinions are my own.