Bumble Bar Review

Bumble Bar Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Junior Bumble Bar's.

Some fun facts about Bumble Bars:
They are glutton free.
 Vegan and organic  
The flavors range from  Chocolate Peanut Butter to Paradise Pineapple something for everyone!
They are certified Kosher, and are still dairy-free
But my favorite fact is:  All of their ingredients are ethically sourced.  Wonder what that means??  They  work with companies around the world who have really high standards such as:
 *worker safety and fair treatment
*sustainable productions
*environmental protection
*community support 
*food safety and quality. 
 How amazing is that!  Bumble Bar goes above and beyond and I'm proud to be able to promote their company :).

So that all sounds great.... But how does it taste?
I really enjoyed the flavors!  My kids also liked them :).  It was a great healthy snack and they were so easy for on the go!
  My hubby was a bit of a party pooper and complained it was to dry....  This is coming from the man who eats greasy pizza and wings every chance he gets...  So we don't take his opinion of health food to seriously!
For being a glutton free/vegan product I think the flavors were great.  So often heath products are bland and not fun to eat, but with Bumble Bar I could really taste the flavors and was so impressed with them!

The Bar's appearance did remind me a bit of Bird food!  But if it taste good I don't care what it looks like :)!  Plus my kids thought it looked awesome.  

Disclaimer:  I received the products above for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.