Bubbles Bath Boutique Review!

Bubbles Bath Boutique Review!


I'm sure anyone who reads my blog knows I LOVEEE Bubble Bath Boutique!
What some of you may not know is the owner and I have become friends over the past several months!  She is an amazing kind woman and I'm honored and blessed to call her friend!
So I'm sure you can imagine how proud I am to tell you some of her exciting news!

BBB gifted to the celebrities at the Golden Globes!!  That is right they were in the gift lounge!  I was so excited when I found this out, my favorite Bath Boutique was being used by celebrities!  I'm sure you know I had to buy myself one of the gift sets that were being gifted there!  
Golden Champagne Kisses
This is a bar of soap, sugar scrub and lip butter.
The smell is beyond amazing!   I'm sure you can see its so beautiful!   Nothing I say could honestly do this product justices!  It just that good :)
If you want to see some of the great celebrities that were gifted check out the post from a few days ago on the BBB facebook page  BBB Facebook

I couldn't just stop myself there.  When I order from Bubble Bath Boutique I tend to order lots of goodies for myself.  
Plus the hubby told me to buy myself some Valentine day gifts.  He said it just be easier for me to pick out what I wanted.. SO I DID! :)
 This super cute box is the Valentine's Day box!!
It comes in 2 scents you get to pick which scent you want:
Dark Chocolate 
 Love Spell
I picked Love Spell for my scent and OMG I LOVE IT!!  You can see below all the things that come in the box.  Its a heart soap, sugar scrub and body butter!  Its not even V-day yet and I already used it....  I'm thinking I may have to get myself another box.  What do you think ;)?  And my hubby even told me how good it smells ;)  Yes ladies this scent brings compliments from the hubby!  Perfect for Valentine's Day!
And these adorable soaps are chocolate covered strawberries! 
Not only are they super cute but they actually smell like a Chocolate strawberry!  My little guys demand they use the sprinkled covered one.

I didn't stop there.... 
Baby's Breath
and Cherry Pop and Lemon drop!
I'm sure you can see BBB has some of the most beautiful soap ever and they really do smell as good as they look!  Babys Breath is one of my favorite scents its just so pretty and it reminds me of spring!

I left my little guys use the Cherry Pop and lemon drop and they adore it!

I love BBB I have my mom and sister both addicted.  Soon even my kids are going to be addicted soon....

Yup that is the next big announcement!
Bubble Bath Boutique is about to become a mother daughter team!  And the daughter is going to have her own kids line!  I'm so proud of her and I can't wait for my kids to be able to buy BBB!!!

My BBB news isn't over yet!  On top of all this amazing stuff happening they also just opened a store front :)!  So if you live in the AZ area be sure to check them out! 

Bubble Bath Boutique is amazing!  Not only do you get great products, but you get to work with an amazing woman.  I can promise you that I have been buying from them for quite some time now and I always LOVE everything I get!  A lot of love and time goes into these bath products!

Want to order some for yourself?
See my link below:
Bubble Bath Boutique