Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

So Valentine's day is almost here!  Have you finished your shopping?  Or better yet is there that one gift that you are really hoping to get?  Or is there something you really wish your hubby would do for you?
Well here is a list of things I'm getting or want for Valentine's day :)


You know I love Bubbles Bath Boutique
And we all want to smell good on Valentine's day!  Well I want to smell good every day, but you know what I mean lol

(Photos below of my gifts!!  Yup since I get the mail I get to peek at all my gifts.... and in this case I couldn't control myself and I opened them... and used them!!!) 

What would a date be without flowers?  No not the ones that die.  The kind that will live forever!  Button Flowers are as unique as the person who orders them :)
And those are my gifts too!  Because I'm a bit of a brat and get everything early :)

And to complete the date lets find something super cute to wear..

The cute photos below are of panties!  Aren't those roses super sweet :) 


Well I get my hubby gifts too.  I can't post them here because unlike me he isn't a brat and has to wait until Valentine's day for his gifts!

I can tell you our plans though!!
My parents are watching the kids and we are getting take out and watching movies!!
I know it doesn't sound very romantic, but I don't want to waste a night to ourselves waiting 3 hours for a dinner I don't really want to eat anyway.
Plus I make homemade cookies for dessert!  And we are having chocolate covered strawberries with wine.
Who says you have to go out and spend lots of money to have a great V-Day!
A night alone to enjoy with my hubby is good enough for me.  And he is getting take out so I don't have to cook.  

Now just because we are not going to a restaurant doesn't mean it wont be romantic!  
I will light candles and wear something cute
I may even let him rub my feet ;) lol!

So what are your plans for Valentine's day?  If there a gift you really hope you receive?   

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!