Mom 101. Words


My youngest Quinn doesn't talk very much.  He is just one of those kids who would prefer to do something or point when he wants something.  He is 2 now so I'm getting a bit worried his vocab isn't up to par.
Being worried, I went into my storage bin and got out Brandon Jr's old books that helped me teach him words.  He was always really good with talking so the book didn't do much for him.  He already knew the words.

I thought Quinn would prefer for Brandon Jr to work with him.and he did he loved that his big brother was helping him.  And he was doing pretty good with the words :)!

Then I heard a very frustrated Brandon say: "will you please stop that!" he said it a few times so I began to wonder just what Quinn was doing.

I started to watch them from a distance.  If I would have came into the room I think they would have stopped. 
This is what I observed:
Brandon pointed to a car and said "Car Quinn say car."
Quinn said "Car", next was a boat then a bear..  Everything was going great.....
Then there was a photo of a cookie and Brandon pointed at it and changed his tone of voice and said
"Now Quinn this is a COOKIE say COOKIE..."
Quinn pointed at the photo and said yummmm lol!!  And Brandon got himself into a fluster and said
"Will you PLEEEASE stop that!!"
I guess every time they got to a photo of food instead of saying the word Quinn would just say yummmm!

After I quit giggling I asked my boys if they wanted a snack..  I got the hint that Quinn was hungry!

I love my little guys.