Children's Advil

Children's Advil

Being a mom is my greatest accomplishment, I'm sure any parent can relate to this.  We watch our children grow and each milestone brings joy to our hearts.  Their first word we clap.  Their first step we cheer.  The first tooth we take photos.  The first time they laugh we laugh with them. We watch it all and we become excited, proud even!  We write it down in little baby diaries, call our family,  we take way more photos then necessary and yet always find a reason to take one more  We cherish these memories for the rest of our life.
  There is one first though that no parent likes.... The first fever!  Having our little ones being sick is absolutely terrifying.  When my oldest was first born I was the crazy mom who called the doctor because my baby had the hiccups!  So I bet you can imagine what I was like when Brandon got his first fever....  With Quinn I calmed down a bit.  Not much my husband still has to pull the phone out of my hand sometimes because I want to call the doctor for every bump or weird sound.

The point is babies and fevers are a very stressful combination.  Its okay though because there is help....
Nothing relieves Fever Faster!  And with up to 8 hours of relief from just one dose its a  must have item for all parent's medicine cabinets.  Nothing relieves fever quicker or keeps it down longer.  The active ingredient in Children's Advil is ibuprofen and that happens to be the number one pediatrician recommended fever/pain reducer.

And its a brand that grows with your baby.  Infants Advil is for babies ages 6-23 months, Children's Advil is for kids 2-11 years old and Jr. Strength Advil is for kids ages 6-11 years old.
Children's Advil is available in great flavors such as grape, Blue raspberry, fruit and dye-free white grape.  Also its available in grape chewables and easy to swallow tablets.
(The Infants Advil drops are also available in dye-free white grape.)

In order for any medicine to work properly though you must make sure your giving your baby/child the proper dosage!  The Advil website has a Helpful resources page you may want to check out.  When  Advil is used as directed parents can feel confident knowing they are giving their little ones a safe and effective fever/pain reliever.
Advil provided me with a super cute gift set.  Ironically both my kids and I are sick right now.  To be honest this time of the year I feel like I'm always sick!
  This gift set couldn't have come at a better time.  The Children's Advil really helped my little guys.  Relieving both their fever and pain.  
  As soon as they get better we are going to get out our photos and put that super cute picture frame to use!

Being sick is stressful Advil is here to help.  Its a brand I have personally trusted since my kids were babies.  I have tried other brands and know for a fact Advil works the best for my kids.

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Disclosure: “Thank you to Children’s Advil® for providing samples, product information and gift pack.”
I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own and they may vary from your own.