Herr's review

Herr's Review

How many times have you gone into the chip aisle and realized you had no clue which brand to buy.  With so many different brands its really hard to pick.  
 Wouldn't it be nice to have a brand you can trust?  A brand who has been around for awhile so the obviously know what they are doing?
Herr's has been in the potato chip business since 1946!  Their company has grown quite a bit since then, but the fact they been around that long really proves they know what they are doing!  

Not only do they make amazing chip products they also give back!  Herr's  financially supports over 1,000 charity organizations!

So why choose Herr's you may be thinking??
Herr's has so many choices for your snacking needs!  Such as chips, pretzels, cheese curls, pop corn, corn chips, onion rings, pork rinds, and they even make salsa!  Not only do they make all these different products, but they also have so many flavors to choose from!  There is literally something for everyone.

My family was personally able to pick 5 products to try
And the timing to try these product was perfect...  We got to try them on Super Bowl Sunday!  Even though I could careless about either team (Fingers crossed for the Colts next year) I was still excited to have great food for everyone :)
 Herr's does offer so many choices, but these are the 5 products I chosen for my family.
 My hubby and brother's favorite chips are Salt and Vinegar chips.  And they both love Herr's brand.  They finished the whole bag their self :).  Herr's Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips contain essential nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium.   They are cooked in corn and/or cottonseed oils, the chips are packed in special foil-like bags to help retain the vitamin C also to help maintain freshness and crispiness. 
 I think everyone loves Sour Cream and Onion chips and my family is no different.  To be honest in my family its not a real party unless you have a great Sour cream and onion chip.  They really enjoyed Herr's brand.  With every bite you could taste the delicious sour cream! 
 This was our first time trying Herr's Kettle cook chips.  They were so good!  Nice and crisp and they had that perfect kettle cook to them!  I think I may have found my new favorite  :)  These are handcooked in small batches in pure vegetable oil and sprinkled with just the right amount of flavor.  They also have the perfect thickness making them so tasty!!
The Lattice Cut potato chips classic kettle cooked in sea salt.  I love the criss crossed shape of these chips they were perfect for dipping.  These tasted different from any chip I tried before.  My whole family was impressed we have several types of dips and these worked perfect with each one.

 I'm sure anyone who reads my blog knows I have 2 amazing little boys.  So of course I had to get them the Baked Cheese Curls, they're made with only the finest ingredients and contain no added preservatives.  My little guys love them :).  Not to mention how amazed Quinn was by Chipper the little guy on the bag.  

My family really enjoyed Herr's chips and I know your family will too!  And with so many products and flavors to choose from there will be something for everyone!

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Disclaimer:  I received the products above for the purpose of review.  I was in no way paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.