Mommy Time

Did you ever just look at your kids and wonder when did they get so big!  Brandon Jr is 5 years old and in preschool, but I swear it feels like just yesterday I was holding him for the first time. 
  I'm one of those moms that look at baby photos and cry because my little guy is growing up on me.  
So I made myself a promise to start doing more with my boys!   When they get older I want them to look back and think about all the time they spent with me.  To remember all their mommy time :)

 Each week we pick a fun activity to do together.
We also started a movie night, we have to wait until Saturday's  so my hubby can stay up late with us to watch it.  Our last movie was Hotel Transylvania :)

I have been searching pinterest for great ideas to do with the kids,
 we found a really neat crayon craft.
  And we actually tried it!!! 

Brandon wanted me to blog about it!  He told me go on the computer and show all my friends how "cool" it is.   Brandon Jr is so proud of how good him and Quinn did.  (Quinn didn't do much he kinda just watched.)  We also attempted to make crystals too with a kit.... That was a bit of a flop though.   Either way I'm going to post the photos from the last 2 weeks of activities we did.

I'm sure you can see by the huge smile on his face how proud he was.  This was so simple to make and we had a blast doing it together.

And its so easy to do!
We got a canvas
Hot glued Crayons along the top
Used a blow dryer to melt crayons and make them melt down the photo

(Place a lot of newspaper down and around canvas the melted crayons do splatter) 

The week before that we tried to make crystals, but sadly  none of them grew.  My little guys weren't to upset though they had fun mixing things and playing with the magnified glass.  

Even though we didn't make crystals we did make some pretty cool colored water.  And I love the jars we used!  I saved them and I'm hoping to use them in a future craft.

I need your help though!  I'm craft challenged and I'm not finding many things on pinterest that a 5 and 2 year old can do!  
Does anyone have any fun crafts I can do with the kids?  I'm not rich so I'm thinking something on the cheaper side.
This week we are going to make macaroni art and next week I want to make handmade valentine's with them.
Oh and the soap making kit I got on sale at Michaels!
But after that I got nothing!!  
So if you know of an awesome craft tell me about in the comment section :)