My Panty Box Review

My Panty Box Review 

Do you ever wish you could go to your mail box and get something besides bills?  Ever just wish you would have a reason to look forward to opening your mailbox?  Well ladies I have a surprise for you. 

 My Panty Box! 

I guess you are wondering what that is.  

Its a monthly subscription service to receive a panty every month at your home, wherever you live!  This isn't like most subscription boxes because you are not getting a sample you are getting unique items that can not be found in shops and is made with the highest quality.   How awesome would that be to open your mail box and get a super cute panties instead of your normal bills!

And speaking of mail.  If you are worried that someone will realize what you are getting in the mail  don't be!!

The panty you receive will come in a plain envelope, totally brand free for your privacy. 

I myself was even surprised I had no clue what was inside the white envelope in my mailbox!

The panty is different every month, and its a surprise.  You never know what you will be opening that month :).  I was super lucky and got my first pair the day before Valentine's day.  So I had something super cute to wear at me and the hubby's stay at home date.

I want to tell you a few of the perks and pros to My Panty Box 

~ Size: They will fit because you get to pick your size.  And each month that you are subscribed you will get a pair of cute/sexy panties in that size.

~ Style: You have 3 choices 1 is thongs, 2 is mix and 3 is mix with no thongs.  This was perfect because not everyone likes thongs.  So you get to control the style of you Panties.  And with the mix you never know what sexy surprise is going to be showing up at your house.

~ Subscribe: You have the chance to subscribe for 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 months.  The longer your subscription the more you save.  Then you can choose premier line, sexy line or basic line.  I love the fact you have so many choices it really does make you feel comfortable with what you are getting.

~ Shipping: As I mentioned earlier they come in a very discrete envelope so no worrying about the mailman knowing what your getting.  The other thing I want to tell you is My Panty Box ships world wide!!  Meaning anyone anywhere can enjoy :)

~ Surprise: The element of surprise was so much fun!  I couldn't wait to receive my first pair of panties!  When I seen them I was in love!  I'm a mom now and going shopping for cute panties just doesn't happen anymore!  I couldn't imagine taking my kids into a store to shop for these items.  

It felt so good to treat myself to My Panty Box.  To often us moms give and give its nice every once in awhile to get.  To do something just for myself!  And what could make us feel better then sexy cute undergarments! 

And I have to say I must have been slacking lately in that department because I think I put my hubby in shock when he seen the cute panties I was wearing :)!

I have signed up for the 3month subscription so you will get to see 2 more cute pairs of panties from My Panty Box....

But why not join me!  You can sign up right now and wait for your Panty surprise :)  Each month we can be surprised together!  Indulge a little :)

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So I know I gave you all the pros to joining My Panty Box I guess now you want the cons....  There is none I can't think of nothing wrong with getting a cute/sexy pair of Panties delivered to my house each month!!

Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of review.  I was no way paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.  This post does contain affiliate links.