Outburst Energy Bites review and giveaway

Outburst Energy Bites review and giveaway


Outburst Energy Bites is a new line of chocolate-covered energy bites making your caffeine fix sweet!  They are a great alternative to other energy sources.  Especially if you are looking to cut soda and coffee from your diet but don't want to spend a lot of money with a different caffeine/energy alternative!  Not to mention they have less calories and sugar then the other products.  Oh and did I mention they are chocolate covered!!
  I love the fact they come in small bites so they can be taken anywhere at anytime!  
They come in  three flavors:
Chocolate Peanut
Chocolate Mint
These are perfect to put into my purse.  I could simply pop them into my mouth whenever I needed  a pick me up.  And they tasted great compared to other energy sources I've tried in the past.  My husband stuck them in his pocket and took them to work.  He can't just stop during the day to get an energy drink.  So it was great that he could slip these into his pocket and continue about his day.
And they work!  Both my hubby and I agree we had more energy after taking them :).

Outburst Energy Bites provide a mix of Caffeine, Taurine and B-Vitamins blended into a small chocolate bite.  Taurine has been shown to improve athletic and mental performance.  Outburst Energy Bites also contain Vitamins B-6 and B-12 and offer approximately 20 mg of caffeine per bite.  Each Energy Bite contains less than 12 calories. Four Outburst Energy Bites would be the same as drinking one standard cup of coffee. 
  They are currently available online at www.outburstenergy.com and in stores in select areas.

Please note that Outburst Energy Bites are not candy even though they may look like candy they are not meant to be taking that way. Outburst Energy Bites are not intended for use by children.

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The coupon code is OEBBLOG5 and the deal is for the purchase of 2 Sampler Sets of Outburst Energy Bites for the Price of 1 (BOGO)!  Please note that you must place two (2) Sampler Sets in the shopping cart before applying the coupon code. 
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Winners must be 18+ and live in the continental US. 

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Disclaimer:  I received these products for the purpose of review.  I was in no way paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.