PlaqClnz review and giveaway

PlaqClnz review and giveaway

I love my pets I really do... But some days their breath is enough to make my eyes cross!  I know you know what I'm talking about that horrible stinky "dog breath!"
With so few solutions, we are most of the time left to just deal with it.  I have been taking my dogs to get their teeth cleaned.  Lucy goes all the time because she has teeth issues, but it would nice to have something for that in-between time.  Well, now I do: 
PlaqClnz for pets!
So what is PlaqClnz?
PlaqClnz is an easy to use pet oral health care kit that treats and helps prevent bad breath, plaque, tartar and gingivitis.

What PlaqClnz does is goes straight to the source of bad breath which is plaque and tartar build up and eliminates both.  Not to mention that having good oral health will improve your dogs overall health.  Lots of bacteria can build up in their mouth, its so important to keep it clean in there.
PlaqClnz gel and spray make it so easy to keep our beloved pets mouth clean.
The spray you can simply spray right onto their gums.  The gel I found best to apply with a cotton ball.

It only takes about 30 seconds and will really improve your pets breath and oral health.  
I love my dogs and they depend on me to take care of them doing!  So 30 seconds is nothing if it will improve their dental health.

It has a pleasant smell and to be honest my dogs didn't even care that I sprayed it into their mouth....  As for taste  I have no clue!  LOL 

A few more great tips:

1.       Regular daily use maintains fresh breath and guards against plaque and tarter build-up
2.       Reduces the need for expensive vet visits for teeth scaling under anesthesia (risky, especially for older pets).

Also: the dog’s natural licking action will spread the Gel around … I did use a cotton ball when I applied.
           Remember to hold the pet’s head level or down …not up…when applying…. so it does not trickle down throat.

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Disclaimer:  I was given these products for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own I was not paid in anyway to write this review.