Wummelbox review

Wummelbox review

My kids and I love doing crafts together.  My kids love putting stuff together and discovering just how things work.  And I love teaching them and seeing the pride on their face when they make something new.  The only issue is.... I'm crafted challenged!  Unless you give me a step by step I have no clue what I'm doing. I feel bad because my kids adore crafts....

Which is why I'm so excited to have discovered the WummelBox!

  Its a monthly arts & crafts box delivered straight to your door!  Each Wummelbox is packed full with 3-4 inspiring arts & crafts projects, including all the materials needed to complete your crafting adventure. Whether its scissors, glue or instruction booklets, it will all be there.  This was great I'm one of those people who start something and realize I don't have everything I need.  With Wummelbox I don't have to worry about that, the box literally has everything my kiddos need.  The box is suggested for kids aged 3 to 8.  They will benefit most for the crafts inside.
So I bet you are thinking this idea is genius who would think of something like this!  Well first a group of experts think up an idea, they then run it by parents, prototypes are made to be sure the idea works and then a group of highly critical kids test it!!  These kids get the final say if it makes it to the box or not!  So you know everything in you box is something kids love :). 

Something I really liked about the box is the fact my son had so many questions!  Not only were we doing a craft he was learning.  He wanted to know why a certain thing spun or how the light was reflected.  I loved working with him and teaching him all these things.

My son was able to review the Color and Light box it had 3 crafts:

Windcatcher:  This was so easy to make and my son loved all the different colors!  He hung this in his room and shows everyone who comes to my house.  He is so proud of the fact he made something so neat.
I did have 1 issue with this craft, the wooden pieces did keep coming out.  I eventually had to get my hot glue gun and glue them so they would stay in place.

Spin-top: The spin-top was also great for learning colors.  My little guy colored the paper top and then I taught him how to spin it so we could watch all the colors mix together. 

Kaleidoscope: This was my sons favorite!  He loved learning why the colors were reflected he spent hours looking at the sparkling colors.  And he really enjoyed seeing how light changed the effect of the items inside.
The box was so much fun and my kids loved putting these crafts together.  I only had 2 issues like I said up top in the Windcatcher the wooden pieces did keep falling out...  And the box is advertised as having everything you need, but for the Kaleidoscope I needed scissors to cut out the yellow paper and they weren't included.  Not that it was a big deal I do have scissors at my house.  I just wanted to mention it.

This is only one of the boxes they have each month they change and your kids can experience a new and exciting craft box!

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Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.