Autism Awareness Day

Today is Autism Awareness day I will admit to you until a year ago I didn't know much about Autism.  All that changed when I meant a wonderful woman named Caron. You may recognize her name from my past reviews she is the owner of Bubbles Bath Boutique.

Caron and I have become friends over the past year.  One of the things I learned about her is Caron's daughter Carlee has autism.  I won't claim to understand completely what autism is, but I will say Carlee is an inspiration.  

Carlee "Boo" Scott is a young adult who has Autism, but never once does she let that hold her back.  She enjoys making others happy and this is more then evident in her work!  Carlee is the creator of Lil Miss Bubbles a bath line created just for kids!  All the soaps are Carlee's creation.  She does all the colors, fragrances and designs.

Everything is made for kids she haSoapsicle, lip butters, bath bombs, puzzle soap and gummy bear soap.  And they come in fun scents such as monkey farts, grape soda, cherry pop and lemon drop, root bear float and so much more!

She puts a lot of love and heart into each of her creations and I'm so proud of her!

So even though I don't know much about Autism I do know a wonderful, kind, sweet woman who may have autism, but never once did she let that stop her from being amazing!