BeginAgain Review and Giveaway

BeginAgain Review and Giveaway 

I would like to start off my review by thanking BeginAgain for providing my kids with one of their amazing toys so that we could have the chance to review for them :).

First I want to tell you some fun facts about the BeginAgain company!
BeginAgain toys are inventively fun and they take play time to a whole new level of creativity.   They will never use batteries or electricity of any kind, I thought that was amazing this mama has had enough of beeping roaring and weird music!  BeginAgain is making a huge effort in taking oil out of our kid's toys by using all natural rubber, natural cotton fabrics, harvested wood, wheat starch plastic and bamboo.
Wondering where you can find these amazing toys?  BeginAgain toys are available at their website HERE on Amazon and at Whole

Foods stores.

My kids were able to review the Bath Tub Ball - Shark Tank.  The Bath tub toys are made of natural rubber with NO BPA, no phthalates and NO lead!  Making this a very Eco Friendly toy!  
Another thing I love is the fact the toys are really durable I could tell that the second I took them out of the box that they were built to last.  Also and I'm sure you can see in the photos there is big drain holes in the toys. 

 I know you are wondering why is that a good thing?!?!  Well all those little squirt toys your kids love to play with, you know the ones with the real tiny holes.... Yeah water gets stuck up in those toys and creates mold and mildew and lots of other yucky stuff.  So the fact these toy had huge drain holes making sure no water got trapped inside was a HUGE plus for me!
And on the off chance this toys does get dirty its okay because it dish washer safe :)
The Shark Tank toys can be played with in a tub, pool or even the beach!
It is recommend for ages 3+, but my 2 year old and 5 year old both had a blast with it!
I love the fact it really left them use their imaginations!  Making bath time an adventure.
I left my boys put on their swimsuits since it still to cold to play in the kid pool.  They played with these toys for hours.  First they were on a mission to find sunken treasure.  Next they had to escape the shark infested water.  After that game we had to find the long lost octopus.  The possibles are endless when my kid use their imaginations!  And I love the BeginAgain promotes them to use their imagination :).

They had so much fun and for once I had to force them to leave the tub :).   You can see in the photos below how much fun they had!  And yes I know their faces are dirty, but you try giving a kid a super fun toy and telling them they have to get washed first.  My kids just weren't having it lol

 And this is only 1 of the great toys offered from BeginAgain!  If you want to learn more or purchase for yourself please see my link below:

And today 1 Simply Me follower has the chance to win the Bath Tub Ball - Shark Tank!
You must be 18+ live in the continental USA NO PO BOXES!

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Disclaimer:  I was given this toy for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in any way to write this review.  All opinions are my own.