Zoobies review and giveaway!

Zoobies review and giveaway!

Recently I was given the chance to review a Zoobies blanket pet with my kids.  I knew my kids would love them because my oldest son already owns Mashaka the Monkey and they love him!  Poor Quinn always gets mad though when we go on a long car ride and Brandon Jr has a super soft blanket and a nice little pillow (monkey's head) and Quinn is left with his little forearm.  Needless to say when I told my kids that Quinn was going to be able to review a Zoobies he was beyond excited and even did a little Quinn dance.
Ahh but choosing that Zoobie was more difficult then I ever thought it could be.  My 5 year old (Brandon) with his beautiful little mind put way to much thought into it.  He told Quinn they need to get a battle ready Zoobie!?!?!  Umm okay I wasn't sure what to say to that, but I left them go.  They began looking at the photos and had to talk about each Zoobies in turn.  And when I say talk I mean Brandon explained in great detail and Quinn shook his head yes and shook his fist and yelled no at appropriate times. 
Their talk went a bit like this: 
 Hada the Hippo would have been great for flattening their enemies, Kojo the Croc would live in the moat outside their castle as a guard, Bubba the black bear and Draco the Dragon could be strong warriors in their war...  Yeah I have no clue what war my kids are involved in, but it must be pretty bad if they are in need of Dragons and bears.  On and on they went since there is so many Zoobies choices it was quite a long talk. After a few minutes I told my kids make their choice I was going to finish the dishes.  I came back in and asked my kids "So which battle ready Zoobies did we choose."  


They both replied "The Cow"!!  Really kids we are going to war and the most battle ready Zoobies was Cookie the Cow LOL
My son tried to explain we could use the milk and ride the cow.  I love how his mind works :)

So we now had our Zoobies picked out Quinn waited in anticipation getting excited each time the mailman came.  And then finally "Cookie The Cow" arrived!  He was so excited he could hardly wait to open his Zoobies and show him off.  Not only does Quinn use him in the car he always takes his nap with him and he goes to bed with him.  
Cookie is used as a blanket, pillow and toy.  Making him the ultimate all in one kids product!

 As a mom I like having so many things in one, less clutter for me and less things to grab when we get out of the car. 

I'm sure you can see from all the photos Quinn loves his Zoobies and Brandon loves his.  They are so comfy and fun.

If you want to learn more or purchase you own please see my link below:
Zoobies website

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Disclaimer:  I was given the above product for the purpose of review.  I was in no way paid to write this review.  All opinions are my own.