BlueLounge Nest Tablet and Mobile Media Device Stand review

BlueLounge Nest Tablet and Mobile Media Device Stand review 

I'm sure we all have that one device that just doesn't have a place in our home.  No matter where we put the thing its just in the way!  Mine happens to be my NOOK.  I try to put it with my paperback books, but whenever I get a book out the thing is always on the verge of falling not to mention the UBS cable always comes flying out.  I thought about sticking it on my dresser, but I forget about it and sit stuff on top of it!  And then I have to go looking understand for it. If the the NOOK was standing up I would never miss it and wouldn't accidentally put stuff on top of it....  I now have that something and being a dresser mishap is a thing of the past for my NOOK.  The Blue Lounge Nest Tablet and Mobile Media Device stand is perfect not only can I store my nook on the stand there is a back try to put the UBS charger!!  

I can also have it standing up when I'm playing my favorite games (Angry Birds)!!  I love my new stand a once in the way NOOK now looks cute and functional in its own stand!
The stand is compatible with so many devices e-readers. iPad and mobile phones are just a few.
If you need room on your desk or in my case dresser this is the perfect thing!

And since we are talking about Devices I have to mention the Juicebar portable mini charger!!  It charges any small mobile device, including cell phones, game consoles, and portable media devices!  Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about a dead cell phone every time the power goes out!  Or if you are going on a long car ride you can power up your devices right in the car!

I think both devices are a must have item for anyone!!

I was given the above product for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and I was not paid in anyway to write this review.