Little Passports Review

Little Passports Review


I'm sure most of you remember my Little Passport Reviews:

For those of you who didn't get to read the reviews I bet you are wondering what is Little Passports?  Its a monthly subscription box that provides our kiddos with both adventure and knowledge.  They do this with the lovable Sam and Sophia.  Kids get to follow them on their traveling adventures.
There is 2 kinds of kits the World edition or the USA edition.  My little guys got to try the World Edition.
The first month's Explorer Kit arrives in a super cute suitcase, its filled with everything my kids needed to have an adventure.
Each month after that you get a new package feature a new place to help the adventure continue and it awesome to have a super cute suit case to keep everything.  
The 2nd month my kids got to review Brazil they LOVE it!
My son even took it in for show and tell :) 
And now the 3rd month they get to learn about Japan!

This months package included:
A letter from Sofia and Sam
1 Activity sheet 
1 photo
another online code
a sushi eraser 
and a folding technique paper with instructions on how to make you own paper art!

My kids again love it!  They get to learn so much and discover things about places far far away!  My son is always so excited for his dad to get home so he can tell him all the facts about the new places Sofia and Sam have been!  Brandon loves learning new things and Quinn as seen in the photo loves playing with all the neat things that are included in the package!!

Want to learn more?
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Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was in no way paid to write this review all opinions are my own.