Toilet Tree Fogless shower mirror review

Toilet Tree Fogless  shower mirror review

Father's Day gift guide

Father's Day is right around the corner and if you are anything like me shopping for dad is horrible!! Helping my kids get Father's Day ready for my hubby is always easy the man loves everything and at this point my kids just make hand-made gifts and pour him cereal for breakfast in bed.  But my dad not so easy, the man has everything and I really don't think at 26 I can get away with drawing him a picture.  The last time I got him a tie he used it to play tug-a-war with his dog.  He is a bit chubby so candy or food of any kind is out of the question.  He complains if I try to take him on a trip and when it comes to clothing he is the pickiest man alive (even though he insist on wearing that horrible pink polo!!)  So yes once a year I dread Father's Day...  That was until this year when I found the perfect gift!
The Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror!!  You have no clue how many times I had to giggle at my dad because he would miss a huge patch of hair when shaving.  The man would take my mom's compact in the shower and try to see while shaving.  First off my mom doesn't appreciate it and 2nd off the mirror fogs and is way to small.  So this year for Father's Day my dad is getting a fogless Shower mirror...  At first I was going to give him the one I reviewed, but after using it my hubby insist that he needs it!  So I will have to buy my dad a new one.  He seen mine in the shower and was asking about it and thought it was genius so I know he is going to love his :)

I bet you are wondering what is a fogless shower mirror?  This is a mirror guaranteed not to fog in the shower. Other fogless shower mirrors just don't work not to mention this one has no suction cups saving my toes from falling objects! This products has a removable, soft silicone adhesives that secure the mirror to all shower surfaces and will not damage tiles or shower walls! The mirror conveniently detaches from the bracket so you can easily fill the inside before each use. An included squeegee removes any excess water from the front of your mirror. An adjustable frame makes the mirror accommodating for multiple users and angles.  I'm very short so its nice to be able to tilt it down for myself.

 It is perfect for shaving, exfoliating, tweezing and cleaning. To use: Simply remove the mirror from the bracket before showering and fill with hot water. The hot water will keep the mirror the same temperature as your shower which makes it impossible for your mirror to ever fog. 

I am so impressed not only is the product perfect for my hubby to shave I love using it to remove my make-up!  No more trying to see my reflection in the shower faucet :)  Its great for twee zing my eye brows too I don't miss any of them because the mirror is always clear.  It is the perfect size for my shower not to big and not to small.  So easy to install that even I could do it!  Plus its shatter proof with two little boys who enjoy going on pirate adventures in the tub we have our fair share of flying objects at bath time.

Oh and I love the squeegee it comes with if to much water collects on the front I simply have to push it off .  

I now save so much time in the shower as does my hubby.
I can't wait to give this to my dad the man will finally be able to see in the shower and quit missing huge patches of hair on his face and my mom wont have a water logged compact :)!!!

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I was given this product for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review. All opinions are my own.