1800Lighting review Taking care of all you lighting needs!!

Taking care of all you lighting needs!! 

I don't know how many of you know this, but right now I am  redoing my home.  When my hubby and I first started I thought this is going to be so much fun....  That was until I realized there are so many choices to be made!  Wall color, cabinet lay out, flooring  and light fixtures. 
I had no clue where to even start looking.  I'm sure you can imagine my relief when I found 1800lighting.com

Even though I have so many other choices to makes its nice to know that my light fixtures will now be a bit easier!

They have so many fixtures to choose from and you can check them all out for the convenience of your own computer.  They do also have stores in New Jersey and South Florida neither of which I live near.  
So for me it was online browsing which was perfect I prefer to shop online.  Little kids and shopping for home items not a fun combination! 
Plus I love the fact that online I can see all the facts and I can stare at my computer screen and then walk to the area I want to put the lighting fixture and imagine just how awesome it is going to look.  My hubby laughed at me when I walked from room to room with my lap top holding it up to the ceiling.

We have guest over a lot for dinner.  I guess you could say out kitchen table is where we gather together when we have friends over.  To us its one of the most important rooms in the house.

So of course this is the room that gave me the most stress.  I wanted something that people would remember.  I think the main focal point is always the kitchen table so I wanted something super stylish for above it.  I found this:

So pretty and comes in your choice of finish Brushed Bronze, Brushed Nickel or Olde Bronze finish!  I like the Brushed Nickle, I think it would match my kitchen perfectly.  And really compliment the rest of the room.

This is just one of the great Ceiling Pendant choices!  They have so many more and there is something for everyone's personal taste and home!  I think this particular light would look not only amazing in a kitchen, but also in an entry way!  I would love for people to walk into my home and have this be the first thing they see.  The piece is very versatile as to where you could place it in your home.

I'm sure as any married couple knows if you love something your better (worse) half will not.

My favorite part is the chain hanging look. 
So of course my hubby is not a fan of this.  He would prefer:
I'm sure you can tell they look the same just different up top.  My hubby's choice would sit flush against the ceiling where mine would hang.  He doesn't really have a reason why I think the man just enjoys being difficult.
Again this is just one of the semi flush ceiling mounts!  If this particular fixture doesn't match your home don't worry it is just one of many :)

The hubby and I are no where near ready for light fixtures yet so we do still have time to argue... I mean discuss which will be best for our home.

On the plus side both our choices are Hinkley-Lighting
So even though we don't agree on the light fixture we at least agree on the Brand :)!

I hope if you are redoing your home or even just want to switch things up that you will check out 1800lighting.  They have some really amazing products at great prices!
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Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post.  Regardless all opinions are my own.