Farm Rich review and giveaway

Did you ever have that one snack that everyone in your family looks forward too?  Or maybe that one brand that no matter how many times you buy or how many of their products you try you still LOVE them and just can't seem to get enough?
Well for my family and I that brand is Farm Rich
My family LOVES Farm Rich products and I think they are a great snack that the whole family can enjoy.  For those of you who never tried Farm Rich you have no clue what you are missing!  They have so many freezer products to choose from, that there really is something for everyone :)
Wonder what they offer?

Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella Bites
Stuffed Pretzel Bites
Queso Cheese Bites
Jalapeño Peppers
Marinara Stuffed Mozzarella Sticks
Italian Style Meatballs
Turkey Meatballs
Original French Toast Sticks
Cinnamon Sprinkle French Toast Stick

See I told you something for everyone!  So I bet you are wondering well do they taste good?  I am yet to eat a Farm Rich product that I didn't love!  

And my family all agrees when it comes to snacking Farm Rich is the best :)

For my review I decided to try the Queso cheese Bites and for my 2nd item I went with a family favorite; Mozzarella Sticks.

So be prepared to giggle the Queso Cheese balls had a bit of a spice to them so I didn't want the kids to eat any.  I invited my brother and sister down to taste them with me and the hubby.  We ate the entire bag in no time we were all so impressed at how good they tasted.  My brother claims he is going to buy more and I told him that he better share...  Now get ready for the giggle part they were so good I forgot to take a photo of them once they were done!!   I'm SOOO sorry but a photo of the bag will have to do.

I can tell you that they were so crispy on the outside and the cheese inside literally melted in your mouth!  They had an amazing spice taste that had all of us falling in love instantly. 

I really am sorry they were just that good I couldn't quit popping them into my mouth by the time I remembered to take a photo it was to late they were a thing of the past lol

I did remember to take a photo of the Mozzarella sticks and like I said these are a family favorite.  When ever we have movie night my kids always beg me to get them.  I love the fact that they taste just as good as any restaurant!  They are made with 100% real mozzarella cheese
, Good source of calcium & protein
 and they have 0g trans fat per serving!!

I can't wait to try all of Farm Rich's products and I hope you will too!

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You must be 18+ and live in the continental USA.

Disclaimer:  I was given this product for the purpose of review all opinions are my own and I was not paid in anyway to write this review.