HelloFresh Review and Giveaway

HelloFresh Review and Giveaway

Have you ever been in a cooking rut?  When you just keep making the same meals over and over again.  Or maybe you are like me and whenever you try to cook outside your comfort zone you ALWAYS forget an ingredient at the store or in my case have no clue where to even start.  
What if I told you there was a subscription box that sends you EVERYTHING you could possible need for a delicious 5 star meal and you can make it right at home.  Guess what such a box does exist!!  Not only do you get everything you need, but its all fresh!  Fresh meat, fresh veggies, fresh seasonings fresh everything!  And it is all laid out in easy step by step instructions.  Making 5 star cooking easy :).

So I bet you are wondering how it works?  

1. Hello Fresh creates amazing recipes

The chefs put together easy-to-make recipes that are delicious  They also have help from nutritionists to make sure each meal is part of a balanced diet.  So you don't have to worry that your family isn't getting a well balanced meal.
You can choose your meal size too like if you want enough food for 2 or 4 people.

2. They will send you recipes to choose from

Each week they send  a choice of 5 recipes to pick from so its easy for you to pick the meals you want. I love that you get to pick this way you know ahead of time what you are getting that way you can plan ahead. As of right now they currently only offer choice for the regular box - but plan to offer choice for the veggie box in the future.

3. Hello Fresh does the shopping for you

As the mommy of 2 little boys this is my kind of company!  You have no clue how many times I had to duck my head in a grocery store and apologize to people because my kiddos were acting up.  I'm all for someone doing my shopping :).

4. They deliver 

They deliver your recipes and ingredients to your door every week!  All you have to do is cook it!  And the shipping is super fast :).

So lets talk more about my meals.  I was sent Lamb kebabs, beef stroganoff and undercover ratatouille.
Lets start right from the beginning on why I loved my Hello Fresh Box.
The first thing I seen was the recipe cards.

I'm horrible with recipe cards I can read it over and over and still get messed up so the step by step photos were a HUGE plus for me.  Also I love each of these recipes, I never cook things outside of my comfort zone so for me this was something new and exciting.
This is a photo of the front of the card the back has the step by step photos.

Next thing I loved was the ingredients, I got 3 meals and for sure thought I was going to mess up ingredients.  It was not an issues because everything was in a bag and labeled for which meal it went with.  So yet again another huge thumbs up for Hello Fresh.

And since we are talking about ingredients I'm sure you can see from my photos everything was fresh and vibrant.  My only issue was I had no clue which one to make first!  Everything looked so amazing so I left my hubby pick  :)

The first night we made Lamb Kebabs and I literally mean the day the box showed up at my house my family was demanding it be cooked!

I will let the photos speak for themselves.  I have never made anything this yummy before in my kitchen!  I think even chef Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen) would be impressed!
I can't stress enough how fresh everything was and how easy the recipe was to follow.
I wont lie I was pretty proud to give this meal to my family.  It was healthy and hearty.  Everyone was satisfiedl.

So I know you are most likely thinking well where are the photos of the other dishes I was so excited about this company I wanted to put my post together after cooking the first meal!  I promise I will have another post with the Beef Stroganoff and the Undercover Ratatouille!  So be on the look out :)

If you want to learn more about HelloFresh Please see my link below:

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You must be 18+ and live with in the Hello Fresh Box delivery area!

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I was given this product for the purpose of review all opinions are my own.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.