Klever Kids Review

I was given these products for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

Klever Kids

This time of year is my absolutely favorite time to go shopping for my kids!  I love dressing them up in cute little summer outfits not to mention the colors are always super fun and cute.  With so many choices out there though its really tough to find a good reliable company that offers not only cute clothing but also high quality clothing.

So today I'm going to take the guess work out of shopping and introduce to you to an amazing company!
Klever Kids  has the most stunning little boy and girl clothing!  I love how they have everything you could possible need to make a cute outfit.  Tees, shorts, sweaters, heck they even got the undies!  They also have a really neat Wardrobe Builder on their site that put cute little outfits together for you.  Which works for me, just last week my hubby told me I can't put the boys in plaid shorts and stripped shirts.... 

So I know you are all want to see which outfit I got to review.  I was able to review the boys cargo shorts in midnight and a boys white tee shirt from the all aboard collection.  

So lets talk about the shorts they are Super Soft made with100 % Pima Cotton Relaxed material, they have an Elastic Waist with matching Drawstring.  My little guy loves how comfy they are and the fact he can run around and play without feeling pinched or confined   I love that they are durable.  I'm sure anyone with little boys know they are rough they run fall roll and everything in between they  need clothing that can hold up I know for a fact that the Klever Kids cargo shorts will get the job done!
Midnight not your color?
This is just one color choice if you go their site I'm sure you can see they have so many more to choose from.

Next I was able to review a graphic white tee.  My little guy loves it!  Its a cute little skull tee that is done very tastefully for a little boy.  My son told me he wants to keep it nice for school so he can be one of the cool kids :).
If you don't like this design again this is only 1 of the many shirts they carry.

I love the red, white and blue colors and I def. know what my little guy will be wearing on the 4th of July! 

If you have a little girl you absolutely must check out their girl clothing!!  So cute I have 2 little boys though and my hubby told me not to get any ideas :( lol

I know today I talked about spring and summer clothing I want you to know they also carry fall and winter outfits. 
I can't wait to get some cute back to school clothing.
I love the Klever Kids website!  Cute seasonal kid clothing that are made to last!  What more could a parent want?!?!?!  My little guy is starting kindergarten this year and I know he is going to be excited to show off his skull shirt.

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