LED string lights review

LED string lights review

Recently I was given the chance to review a string of LED lights.  I was super excited and before the product even arrived I knew where it would be going.
My boys bunk beds!  I thought it would be super cute and I knew I could convince my 2 year old they were tiny stars.  Both my boys love it and spent hours pretending to be in space!  This is only one use though for these lights.
They can be used to decorate a window, desk, wall, railing and so much more.  So versatile! 

I was surprised how bright they are, even though the lights were only on my boys bed they illuminated the entire room!  There is 100 tiny LED lights on a 30' wire with a 6 foot plug in cable!  You can really cover a lot of area!  I already told my little guy I'm stealing them at Christmas for our tree :).  The wire the lights come in is really thin making it easy to thread, twist and wind through any area.  The lights themselves are spaced 4 inches apart so they evenly distribute light every where.

My 2 year old is still afraid of the dark so not only do these lights add style to their bunk beds, but it also double up as a night light!

Like I said though this is only 1 use for these amazing lights.  If you want to learn more please see my links below:

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Disclaimer I was given this product for the purpose of review I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are m own.