Making Soap with the kids

Making Soap with the kids 

So I should just come out and admit something to all of you... I HATE SUMMER!  I hate the heat, I hate bugs and I really hate the constant bird poop on the side of my car.  I just really and truly hate summer time.  I'm sure you are thinking everyone complains when its hot they wish it was cold and when its cold they wish it was hot...  Not me please refer to this post

Even in the freezing cold March I stated my hate for Spring and talk about my love of winter

So I'm sure you are wondering what the heck does this have to do with Making Soap with kids.  lol my random rambling does have a point back in the Winter time so long ago :(  I bought a soap making kit from Michaels I got it super cheap.  I'm not sure if you remember this post But if you look at my receipt you can see I got it for $0.99.   My kids had a blast and I'm surprised it was easy enough for them to do!

The kids couldn't wait to get started.  Our kit contained everything you could need to make soap!  Even the molds.  I'm not sure how many of you shop at Michaels, but they ALWAYS have fun kits like this!  Just over the weekend me and the kids had a candy making kit.

On to our soaping adventure! 

Step one was to cut our glycerin into cubes and melt in the microwave.  It is suggested to use a glass container so they soap doesn't absorb into the plastic.  I did this step.

   After that we had to mix in our scent and color.  The boys loved this part I just made sure they were super careful since the glycerin was really HOT.

Next was the pouring into mold step.

 The thing with soap is it takes forever to cool.  So I got out a old silicon cupcake pan,  so we had extra molds.  Little kids and waiting is never a good combination.

A few hours later and we had a finished soap!  I'm sure you can see by the huge smiles my kids loved them.  I loved the fact that they wanted to get baths!  I'm not sure how many of you have battles at bath time, but its not fun!

I bought my kids each a $1 tub container from Target to store their soap.

I love doing things like this with my kids.  I'm always looking for great deals and using coupons all together our soap making day cost me 2.99!!!  .99 for the soap kit (Yes I know best deal ever) and $1 each for their tub containers :).