Amy Adele Review

Disclaimer I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Hi everyone!  I hope you are enjoying my back to school posts.  Today I would like to introduce you to another amazing company!

Amy Adele Review

  The Amy Adele shop specializes in all things personalized! 
Some of the wonderful items they carry are:
Thank you notes
 Calling cards 
Waterproof labels 
Clothing & gifts 
Bag tags 
Baby shower invites 
Birth announcements 
Photo cards
Party banners
Recipe cards
Address labels 
and so much more!

They have an endless amount cute designs and so many different ways to personalize items!  Everyone will be able to find something they love!!
I knew beyond a doubt this would be the perfect back-to-school shop!

Why you are wondering?  For younger children a lot of teachers ask parents to label their items so they don't get mixed up.  So the cute personalized labels would be perfect for that!  Saves my hand from having to re-write my sons name over and over again.  And the bag tags would be great for a book-bag or lunch bag.  I'm sure my little guy is going to miss place his at least once.  This way we can have the peace of mind knowing it will be returned.  

Even though both of those items are great for back-to-school I choose to review a personalize t-shirt and a flat card.

First I want to tell you about the Monkey flat card.  It has the most adorable monkey in the top corner and my sons name across the top middle.  These cards are perfect as thank you cards, but I plan to let my son use these as note cards for school.  They are perfect for writing down a home work assignment, making flash cards and also perfect for me to send notes into his teacher or the school office.  Plus I plan to use them in his lunchbox special little notes to let him know mommy is thinking of him. Kindergarten is going to be tough for my little guy I know he is going to be homesick and want to be with me and his brother.  I know these cute little Monkey cards are going to put a huge smile on his face. 

If you don't like monkeys, thats okay this is only one of the many designs offered.

Next I was able to review a personalized shark t-shirt.  As I'm sure all parents know clothing is a huge back to school must have.  My son now has a 1 of kind shirt!  No other student is going to have a shark shirt with the name Brandon across the top :).  My son loves it and I love the fact knowing that a fun shirt will make his day a bit better.  The shark shirt comes in size 2t - 10 youth.  It is only 1 of the many shirts offered at Amy Adele.

All the items are high quality!  The fact I can tell a lot of love and effort was put into creating them make me feel at ease when shopping at Amy Adele!  I'm proud to have my son go back to school with Amy Adele products and I know he will be proud to show them off to all his new friends :).
If you would like to learn more please see my link below:
Amy Adele