Bulu Box review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in any way to writ this review all opinions are my own.

Bulu Box review 

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about Bulu Box.  It is a monthly subscription box.  Each month 4 to 5 premium vitamins and supplements are shipped right to your door.  Giving you the chance to try before you buy :).

Subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular and here is why.  In a subscription box you pay a low price and you get to try products if you like the product you can then decided to buy.  Saving you money and letting you discover new things.

The tough part is deciding which box is right for you!  So in this review I will do it Q and A style.  Trying to answer any question I think a consumer may have :).

What is included in the Bulu Box?
You get premium samples of vitamin and supplements that are designed to make you feel your best.  The products are for both men and women and range from sport nutrition, meal replacement, diet, energy, protein, detox, digestion, herbs and so much more!  All the samples are safe to take.  Bulu makes sure to only work with brands that are safe to use.

How much does it cost?
Membership cost $10 per month and shipping is free.  You can also earn reward points that can be used for future full size product purchases.  These points are easy to earn and add up fast!
Oh and since I brought up full size products if you find something you love in your box you can purchase it right from the Bulu Box Site.

How large are the samples?
The samples are big enough for you to try the product to decided if you are interested or not.

How often and where are they delivered?
Once a month and only available in the USA right now.   

Okay I hope I answered any question that you may have :)  Now I want to show you what was in my box!

ATEASE -  All natural sleep aid.  Promotes restful sleep, calms nervous tension and promotes health brain function.  I gave this to my husband only because I already use sleep water and didn't want to try something new.  He was impressed with the results and said he felt more relaxed and ready for sleep at bedtime.  

Aero Shot Energy Drink - This product works super fast!  I love how small it is so its easily stored in a pocket or small purse compartment.  My only complaint is I wish my sample flavor wasn't green apple!!  They do come in different flavors though so when I order I think I will get the Lime flavor :)

Quick Fire - Energy Vascular performance helps push your workout to the next level!  It does this by increasing blood flow.  I love how the product works!  I was able to feel it right away.

QSpeed - This is a fast melt tablet that provies heart health support improves exercise performance and increases cellular energy.  I love that it taste like oranges!  To often supplements make me want to gag.  This tasted so good it is something I would look forward to taking!!

Dream Water - This is a product I currently take so I was excited to see it in the Bulu Box!  I know for a fact how well this works and I know everyone who has the chance to try is going to love their results.  It helps to natural relax you and help you get a better night sleep.

Last but not least was the $50 gift card to iTrain its a place where you can download fitness programs and top celebrity trainer voice-overs.  I wont lie I didn't use this product yet because I plan to give it to my hubby.  I did check out the website and I'm so impressed with all the choices!

That was my box!  I'm sure you see the last item alone was $50 making my box more then worth the $10 that Bulu Box charges to sign up!  I can't stress enough how much you will save!  Why go to the store and spend 20+ dollars on something only to find out you don't like it!  For $10 a month you can try all sorts of products before you buy!

If you want to learn more or subscribe please see my link below: