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I was compensated for this post.  Regardless all opinions are my own.

Today I have another back to school post.  This one is targeted towards all college bound students and ways to help them save money :). 

As we all know college gets expensive!  Between paying for your dorm, all the new supplies you need and your books it can really add up!  Wouldn't it be nice to have some relief.  To have a something anything that can make things a bit cheaper??
With you can save on textbooks!!  And when I say save I mean it, up to 40-90% off of bookstore prices and you also get free shipping both ways!

I know a lot of you are thinking you would prefer your own book so you can treat them however you wish.  No need to fear you can highlight in the textbooks without being penalized!  Treat the text book as if you owned it :).
This is just one of the amazing things about you also have flexible rental periods, 30 day risk free returns, no sign up fees or hidden cost, the books are the same ones you would find in your book store and did I mention all the money you will save :)!!

Their site is really easy to use you can search for your subject such as Math, Biology, and English or if you know the book you want you can also search by ISBN, author, and title.  After you find your book you pick your rental terms and decide how long you wish to rent the book you can even choose your own return date.

I know its great that you can save money, but the site also offers you a way to make money!!  Right now you can use
rents your books to others students.  You simply send your book, your books get rented, you get paid, your books get returned and rented out again and again and again!  As long as your book is in demand you can make an endless amount of money!

So far I have told you how this site helps you save money and how to make money.  Now I want to tell you why you can feel good using this company.
They are huge supporters of Operation Smile.  They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.
Operation Smile is an organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families couldn't otherwise afford it.  These surgeries really improve the quality of those young lives.
So each time you rent from you can smile knowing that your business is helping to bring someone else a smile :).

College is quite awhile away for us, my oldest is only entering kindergarten,  but I know that when we are ready for that step I will be honored to use!!

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