Crunch Pak Review

Disclaimer I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
That is right today is another great Back-To-School post!!

Crunch Pak Review

Today I have another Back-To-School food review.  When school starts schedules change a lot for our kiddos.  Right now my son can grab a snack or eat lunch whenever he wants, but when he goes to school that time will be limited.  He will of course have lunch, snack and after school snack he wont be limited in the amount of food he has just limited to the times he is allowed to eat it.
Sending a lunch or snack to school can get tricky though.  I mean its not like he is home and I can just pop him something in the oven.  When he packs he needs something lunch box friendly.
  As a mom its my job to make sure that these snacks and lunches are as nutritious and filling as possible!
Which brings me to today's review!  Crunch Pak specializes in apple slices!  My little guy LOVES apples and to be honest he can't get enough of them.
Crunch Pak is committed to providing the highest quality organic and conventional sliced apples in the market.  And they offer them in fun packaging, tasty dips and awesome sides!  I know Apples are what they are known for, but they do carry other products too. 

They have:
Apple Snackers
Dipperz (I'm so impressed with all the different dips)
Organic packs
Salad Kits
Family party size includes slices and a dip
 And the Disney products that come in Flavorz and Foodles.

I was given several coupons to use to write my review.  Sadly for me my little guys seen the Foodles in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears and demanded that we use all our coupons on them....  So no Salad kit for mommy :(

Even though my review is going to focus on the Foodles I want everyone to know its only 1 of the amazing products that Crunch Pak offers.  As seen above they have so much to choose from!

Foodles are all shaped like Mickey Mouse ears and have fun Disney characters on the front.   
They come in 4 packages:
Apples with cheese and grapes
Apples with cheese and pretzel
Apples with granola and yogurt
and Last but not least is Carrots with cheese and pretzels. 

I love that they have so much in one package I know these are going to be perfect for my sons lunch box and for after school.  I have a feeling after school is going to be hectic and its nice to know I have a quick snack easily ready for him.

 The Mickey Mouse package had my kids wanting to eat them.  I think these are the perfect size for a snack or even as a side  at lunch.  To be honest I think I could send my son to school with a sandwich, drink and a Foodles and it would be the perfect balanced lunch.  

I didn't use my coupons for the Salad Kit, but unable to resist I did buy myself one and OH MY its was amazing!!  My hubby and I shared it and still had some left over so the kits go a long way.  

Crunch Pak gets a huge thumbs up from everyone in my family :)
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