Frecklebox review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in any way to write this review all opinions are my own.

Today we have another fun and essential Back-to-School review!!

Frecklebox review and giveaway 

I'm sure you know by now my family loves personalized items.  Nothing makes a kid feel more special then to see their name written on their favorite items.  Not to mention back to school is hectic, so its nice to have their name on their belongings so if it gets lost or mixed up with another students your child's name will be there :).  Ensuring it gets returned.
 When choosing a personalized gift for kids it is important to remember 1 simple thing....  It has to be fun :)  Kids love fun designs and characters.  I'm sure you know that a dinosaur, monster or superhero is always sure to go over well with little ones.  
I know I'm telling you all this fun stuff about kids and personalized gifts and I'm yet to tell you about the company!
Frecklebox specializes in personalized children items!  
Things such as puzzles, coloring books, notebooks, folders, binders, lunchboxes, bookmarks, 
place-matswrapping paper, growth charts and so much!!  

I was able to personally review 2 customized gifts for kids a folder and a lunchbox!

First lets talk about the site.  Its super easy to use!  Lots of tabs and drop down menus to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Customizing my items took only a moment.  Finding something my son liked was the hard part not because he didn't like anything, but because he liked to much!!  
We reviewed one of their personalized lunch boxes I told my son pick a few you like then we will take our time and pick which one you like best...  By the time he was done picking we had 8 screens opened and he was trying to limit it down to one choice!  So that to me was proof Frecklebox def. has designs kids love!
  In the end he chose the Monster Lunch box.

I love how cute the design is and that he was able to get his name of the front.  Another super cute feature that I have never before seen is the chalk board under the lid!  This is going to be perfect to send my son little notes.  Every day when he opens up his lunchbox there it will be a special note from me :).  There is a lot of room inside so I don't have to worry about his lunch not fitting.   The lunchbox is metal so not only is it durable I don't have to worry about his lunch getting smooshed. 

Next we were able to review one of the  personalized school folders.  My sons school already sent notes home saying everything is to be labeled.  For me this was horrible I have very VERY bad handwriting and I just couldn't imagine buying brand new stuff and writing on it!  So of course I was excited I could purchase a folder with his name already on it.  One I don't have to write it myself and 2 it doesn't ruin a new item since his name is part of the design!
My son chose the flame folder.  It has the regulated pockets inside and I know this is going to be perfect for putting his school papers in.

I'm very impressed with everything I got from Frecklebox!  All my items are high quality and I can tell they are going to last us a very long time.  As I said earlier the 2 items I reviewed are only 2 of many!  And the designs I choose don't even begin to cover all the fun and cute designs available!  
Going back to school doesn't need to be tough let fun companies like Frecklebox help you feel at ease knowing you are sending your kid to school with the very best!

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