Glenny's Review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review I was not paid in any way to write this review all opinions are my own.

Today I have another back to school post for you!!
So far we talked about clothing, lunch, books, pencils, paper and even a DVD to help little ones!  Today though I want to take the time and talk about snacks!  I know many schools have a small snack time my son's school included.  I know parents me included have no clue what to send in!  At home I put stuff in a bowl or plate, but that wont work for school I need something sealed.  So to the internet I went searching for a snack company worth talking about in my back to school segment. 
I would like to introduce you too.....
So why Glenny's you may ask?  
You can have the peace of mind knowing you are giving your child something that isn't over the top unhealthy!  They make soy, all natural and organic products!  Their snacks are both delicious and nutritious. 

 I wont lie I'm horrible when it comes to snacks for myself I think I go out of my way to get the most unhealthy thing I can find.  My kids are a complete  different story.  I research and read labels and do everything in my power to make sure they are healthy.  

I want to start off by saying I'm so impressed with the products we were able to try.  My kids love them to the point they asked for more.  Each product tasted amazing I really could go on and on about the flavor instead I want to tell you the health facts about each :).  This is food that is not only good for you, but also taste good too!

First lets talk about their favorite Marshmallow Treats!  These are organic, only 100 calories, gluten free, no trans fat and no hydrogenated oils!
And they taste great!  They come in 4 great flavors chocolate, vanilla  peanut caramel and raspberry.  

Next we were able to try 100 calorie brownies!  In chocolate chip and chocolate chip blondie.  Again these had no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils and they are all natural.  The also come in peanut butter. 

Next were the Greek Yogurt Bars!  I had a hard time letting my kids eat these because I wanted them for myself!!  So yummy these are all natural, probiotics and gluten free.  I reviewed chocolate coconut and strawberry they also come in chocolate cherry.

SO far we loved everything we were given to review and the next product was no different!  I was able to review the All Natural Fruit and nut bars.  Not only are these great for snacks, but also for breakfast on the go!  I know there is going to be days when we get up late or are rushing around.  These would be great for those quick breakfast kinda mornings!
They are gluten free, no granola, 100% natural, non-dairy and low sodium.
They come in Cashew & Almond, Cherry & Almond, Cranberry & Almond and my favorite Peanuts & Peanut butter.  I swear the Peanut & Peanut butter reminds me of one of my favorite candy bars!  My kids loved them too and for one minute I debating hiding them for myself!!  I refrained though, but it was very VERY tempting :)!!

Next we reviewed Whole wheat popped crispy chips!  Everyone eats chips well at least everyone I know.  These are the guilt free version :).  It a natural, non-oily popped chip.  Low in fat, high in fiber, no cholesterol  no perspectives and only 100 calories!! 
I know I will putting these in Brandon's lunch box quite often!
They come in sea salt, barbeque and zesty ranch.

Last but def. not least was the low fat Soy Crisp.  I am in awe of how good they tasted!  I wont lie I myself do not eat a lot of soy products, my kids do, but I do not.  So I'm sure you can imagine how delighted I was to find out how amazing they taste!  They had an amazing crispiness and the flavor was so good I know for a fact I'm replacing quite a few of my unhealthy snacks.  They come in so many flavors that you will def. find one that works for you!
Apple cinnamon, sea salt, lightly salted, barbecue, cream ranch and cheddar.

These are just a few of the products on their site.  If you are unable to find Glenny's at a store near you that is okay because you can order right from their site!!
If you want to learn more or order please see my link below: