Kid Stash Review

Disclaimer I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.   I was not paid in any way to write this review all opinions are my own.

Kid Stash Review

I know I've mention this before, but I feel the need to say it again.  The quickest way to put a smile on my little guys face is for a box to come in the mail with stuff just for them :).  They become so excited and its like Christmas for them.  I love finding companies that do this for kids.  That put boxes together with activities just for them.  Recently I came across a company that does just that.  Kid Stash is a box meant to inspire our kids.
And I can safely say it does!  This month's box was an Entomologists box (bugs).  Brandon Jr is my little explorer he LOVES to learn new things and is always going about trying to discover something new so this box was perfect for him.  Even though Quinn is only 2  he still loved it, because if Brandon likes it so does he.

The box contained:
Primary Science Bug Jar:  Cute little jar that has wings and opens up top to reveal a magnifying lens making it easy for kids to watch and observer their bugs.

Learning Resources Giant Inflatable Insect:  This huge bug was a big with my little guys.  I was impressed that they paid attention to detail.  Right down to strips on the tail and little hairs!  I was able to talk and teach my little guys what made their Inflatable bug different from others.

The Leaf Man book by William Joyce:  My little guys adore this book.  Its a fun story with cute illustrations!  My little guys had fun helping the bugs and leaf man save the garden.

Last but not least was the Artzooka!  Clothespin Wings Craft:  This has everything my little guys needed to make 3 fluttering insects.  I'm sure all parents know that crafts are always a huge hit with kids and my little guys were no different they love it.

(Sorry Quinn has no shirt on he broke in hives over the weekend and his shirt makes him itchy :(.  Hopefully they will clear up soon!)
The Kid Stash Box is amazing and really engages kids.  My little guys spent hours playing with the stuff inside and without even knowing it they were learning.
Each month is different and inspires our kids in a whole new way :)
  If you want to learn more about the Kid Stash Box and sign you little one up please see my link below: