LeapFrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection Review

Disclaimer:  I was given the product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

This will be another fun back-to-school post!

LeapFrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection Review 

This Collection will be released just in time for back-to-school!

I know everyone has heard of LeapFrog Enterprises they are  a leader in educational entertainment!  They have joined forces with Lionsgate Home Entertainment to release  LeapFrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection on DVD :)  This will be available July 16.  Perfecting timing you can buy this and have your little one ready in time for school :)

 LeapFrog is considered to be one of the top learning toy brands, they offer kids a fun way to learn with characters they love.
I noticed with my little guys if they are having fun they don't even realize they are learning.

The collection has four DVDs.  Each DVDs introduces children to math and early reading skills, the alphabet, number recognition, counting and so much more.  All of these skills are estential for young minds!

  The collection includes:
 LeapFrog: Scout & Friends Phonics Farm
LeapFrog: Scout & Friends Numberland
 LeapFrog: Scout & Friends The Magnificent Museum of Opposite Words 
LeapFrog: Scout & Friends Adventures in Shapeville Park.


Release date: July 16
uly 16Running time: 140 minutes   
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My review:

My boys love it.  My oldest Brandon will be starting kindergarten this year.  I noticed over the last couple of weeks he seems to forget some of the things he learned in pre-school.  I try to sit down and work with him on numbers and the alphabet and he just doesn't want to hear anything about it.  I mean really its summer time who wants to sit down with mom to learn!!  Then I was provide the chance to review Leapfrog:  The complete Scout & Friends Collection!  My boys LOVE Scout we already own so many LeapFrog products that I knew this would be the perfect opportunity.... To trick my son into learn and practicing skills he already has!

As we watched the DVD he would yell out things he knew and sing along and point out letters and numbers.  I loved I was able to wash my dishes and go about doing my work knowing that Scout and friends were helping my son.  I think this is a perfect program for all young children even if you child has already learned these skills.  Summer is long and some things are so easily forgotten this DVD will make it fun for you little one to practice and remember things.                                

To get your little one excited about LeapFrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection please feel free to print the color sheet below!