MOM Motor Oil Matters post and giveaway

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MOM Motor Oil Matters post and giveaway 

I'm sure you all remember my previous post about "MOM" Motor Oil Matter, but just in case  you didn't have a chance to read it here is the link:

A few key points from that post were:
~MOM is a new consumer education and industry watchdog program by the American Petroleum Institute. This nonprofit organization has been established to stress the benefits of quality licensed motor oils and call out those who engage in deceptive practices.
~AAA expects between the major summer holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day to aid over eight million motorists, and cautions drivers that auto maintenance is key to avoiding summertime travel breakdowns. Ensuring quality motor oil in your car is one way to prevent road trip problems.

I'm sure anyone like me read that post and was scared thinking of all the times they got an oil change.  I wonder how many times a company told me they offer the best prices around, but they forgot to mention they also have the worst oil around.  It made me think twice about saving a few bucks on my oil change.  My car needs to last me a very VERY long time and getting cheap oil at the risk of my car just isn't worth it.  I and I'm sure many of you had no clue  that companies practiced this.  That they would give you a good deal, but put horrible oil in your car.  I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like such a good deal to me!

So I made my first post to make you aware or MOM and after checking out their MOM'S Motor Oil Checklist I was now prepared to return to a auto shop and have my oil changed.

Step one I took out my owners manual to check my oil type.  To be honest I'm a ditz and never even thought to check my manual to see what type of Motor Oil I should be using.  Turns out every car needs a certain type of Visosity.  Luckily for me my hubby already knew this and has been getting the right type of oil.

Step 2 Get confirmation.  When I went to the location I made sure to ask what they would be poured into my car and asked if they could please include that on my receipt.  I was surprise how nice they were and how easily they agreed.  For me this was a good sign, meant they weren't trying to hide anything from me.   Also make sure they use fresh filters.  When I asked the guy to please use a fresh filter he raised his eye brows at me like 'DUH woman what do you think I would use....'  He was sweat though and just said "of course .... we always do."  

Step 3 check that receipt.  I waited until I got home I didn't want to insult the company.  I was happy to see they did everything I wanted and used the type of oil I asked for.   

(Please note the computer spin balance had nothing to do with my oil change, my hubby just wanted to get the tire balanced since we were there)
Last step is to write down the date of that oil change and make sure you get it changed again when necessary. 

I know you may feel silly asking your oil changer all these question and that some companies may even feel insulted or get mad.  Your car is worth it though and if a company is doing what they are suppose to it shouldn't bother then to re-insure you that you are getting the best service possible.  

If you want to learn more please see my link below I also included the check list (If its to small it can also be found on the home page in the link below)

Right now 1 Simply Me Follower has the chance to win a $50 visa gift card of their own to be used at their next oil change.
You must be 18+ to win and live in the USA.

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