Neater Feeder review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Neater Feeder review and giveaway 

How many times have you rushed to do something such as answer the door or pick up a crying baby.  In your haste you forgot to watch your step and stepped down on a piece of hard dog food!  I have so many times and trust me it hurts I know those little kernels are tiny, but it still feels as if I stepped on a spike.  For years I pushed off doing anything and just dealt with the pain.  Recently though my messy pups became an issue.  Rufus my puggle is a slob I swear the dog puts his head in the water bowl and tries to swim!  It makes a huge mess and it ruining my kitchen floors.  After to much moisture they begin to warp and look horrible, but my biggest issue comes in the form of my 2 year old little boy.  Quinn is active the same as any 2 year old.  A few weeks ago Quinn came running through the kitchen trying to keep up with Brandon when he ran across the water his whole body went out from under him and he landed hard on the floor.  His little back hurt and he slammed his elbow pretty hard.  Besides some bruises though he was okay, but it was a big enough wake up call for me.  Not only are my messy pups ruining my floor they are endangering my kiddos.  I had to find a solution!

I found my solution the Neater Feeder.

The Neater Feeder has protective walls to contain splashes and spills from over excited pets. The Neater Feeder system holds spilled food up top and spilled water drains down below by a patent-pending filtering system. The spilled water drains into a lower section that can safely hold more than an entire bowl of water!   Thus keeping it off the floor until I am ready to dump it. Keeping the spilled food in the upper reservoir, off the floor, not only saves you work, but also keeps it clean for reuse and saves my poor feet.  Keeping the water off the floor protects my floor and my kids!  No more wipe outs!!
The Neater Feeder comes in small, medium and large.  They also have a cat Neater Feeder.  You can buy attachable legs to make it higher, rubber pads for the legs, extra bowls and you can even buy a polar bowl!  

I put my Neater Feeder to the test right away.  And guess what it works amazingly!  No more food or water on the floor and Rufus no matter how hard the little devil tries can't make a huge mess on my floor!!  No more towels to clean up a drenched floor, it all gets trapped below!  It was so easy to empty the bottom water tray and don't worry the water didn't go to waste I used it to water my house plants!  Water that was once wasted now gets a 2nd life :)

Neater Feeder is one of those products that after you have it and see how much easier life is you just think to yourself 'why did I wait so long.'  I could have saved my feet years of pain and my floor years of damage.  Not to mention I could have saved poor Quinn from that fall :(  Better late then never!  

If you want to learn more about Neater Feeder or purchase for yourself please see my link below:

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