Roaring Spring paper products review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

This is another fun and useful Back-to-School review and giveaway!!

Roaring Spring paper products review and giveaway 

One thing everyone needs for back-to-school is paper.  No matter what grade you are in, paper is an essential part of school.  Heck its an essential part of life I use paper every single day!!

There are a lot of companies out there so I wanted to introduce you to Roaring Spring!
I was excited to work with Roaring Spring they offer so many types of papers that there is something for everyone.

With everyone using so much paper though it really does add up wouldn't it be nice to use a more eco friendly paper?  A paper that makes you feel good knowing that your doing your part?
Roaring Spring provides that paper! Small changes can add up to a better environment and to help save the Earth Roaring Spring is doing their part by having a whole new line of earth-friendly paper products. One of which is made with sugarcane! Sugarcane Fiber Paper is waste material from the sugarcane refining process. 
Sugarcane paper looks and feels just like any other paper I used my entire life!  I noticed no physical difference, only a moral one knowing that the paper I was using was eco-friendly.

Also in their Eco-friendly line is Genesis Shades paper this is made from post-consumer waste. Post-consumer waste, if not recycled, would typically end in a landfill.  Its always nice to see something get a 2nd and useful life.  Their recycled paper comes in white and colored versions.  I was able to review pink.  I wont lie I was kinda excited because I knew this was one item my son would refuse to take to school.  Not because it was recycled, but because it was pink :).  Yes I'm a greedy woman and some times I like to keep things for myself.  I was impressed again that even though it was recycled material it looked and worked as regular paper.  Made me wonder why I haven't been using recycled paper all along. 

Color me Notebook

Okay just looking at the photo I'm sure you know my little guy went crazy!  A note book that he was able to color in himself!  It is a 5 year old's paper dream come true!  Each notebook has 70 pages and came in 4 designs Aquarium, Farm, Sports and Fun Park.  Anyone with little kids is going to love this product.  My little guy got a fun art product at home and a back-to-school item.  I have a feeling all the kids in my sons kindergarten class are going to be demanding to know where Brandon Jr got such cool notebooks :)  His personal favorite was the sports he made sure to take a lot of time and care in coloring that notebook.

Last but not least I was able to review 3
Cross Over NoteBooks

These notebooks are genius!  You can use both sides because the lines run in different directions.  Plus you have a sheet of paper then can be used in landscape and portrait form.  And my hubby discovered (written on the front of the note book lol) that it can be used as graph paper!  Since the lines go different direction back lighting will create a graph paper effect.  Lots of middle school and high school kids need graph paper.  Why not get them 1 note book that does the job of 3!  Saving room in their backpack and helping you save money by only having to buy 1 product instead of 3!
And I'm excited to say this was also made of recycled paper :)

All the products I review from Roaring Spring are made in the USA.  The products I mention are only a few of the many things they offer if you would like to learn more please see my link below:
Roaring Spring Products

I'm so impressed with the company and I know you will be too!

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