Splendies Review

I was given products in this post for the purpose of review I was not paid in any way to write this review all opinions are my own.

Splendies Review

What are Splendies you may ask??
Splendies is a monthly panty subscription company that sends you panties :)!  Each month you will get 3 pairs of randomly picked panties for $12 delivered right to your door!  They carry several brands and several kinds of panties (Boy shorts, thongs, bikini cut and so on).  I love that the panties are a surprise so you never know what is going to show up at your door! They come in a discreet envelope so the mailman has no clue what is being dropped off!  Plus the site is customer friendly at any given time you can cancel your subscription.  No hassle at all.  Plus I love the fact that you can change your size.   Also they offer free shipping!!

They take the hard work out of shopping by delivering them right to your door.  I'm a mom and panty shopping just doesn't happen, with 2 little boys I'm lucky I do any shopping at all for myself.   I love that I can still get cute panties without the hassle of taking 2 little boys to the mall.  I get to treat myself without the headache.

I was able to review the July package:

received my Splendies with in days of contacting the company.  So another huge plus for super fast shipping!  And like I mentioned before, the package gave no hint as to what was inside.
Unlike other Subscription boxes with Splendies you get full size products.  
  I opened my package and was so amazed at the 3 pair of panties inside.  Even though they were random every pair was super cute :).  There was 2 casual wear bikinis and 1 super sexy boyshort cut.  And each pair was from a different company!  1 company I'm very familiar with the other 2 were new.
Lets first talk about the company I know and already love.
The black and white casual pair are from Victoria's Secret.  I wont lie I was really impressed!  I love Victoria's Secret and sadly have not shopped there is quite some time, so to have them be in my Splendies package put a huge smile on my face.  They fit perfectly and I'm sure you can see from the photo are super cute!

Next I tried the yellow and grey pair these are from Vision Intimate I LOVE them, so comfy and cute.  These also came in a bikini cut.  Super pretty colors and were really fun for casual wear.  

Last but not least was the Grace sexy undies to me anything with lace makes is sexy and these panties are def. that.  I love that they fit perfectly and are completely different from the other 2 panties I received allowing me to switch it up and have fun.  These were a boy-short cut so not only was the type switched so was the style.  

To say I'm impressed with Splendies would be an understatement!  For only $12 you can receive 3 high quality panties right to your door.  You get free shipping a discrete package and great customer service.  What more could you want from a company!
I hope you will join me and check them out today :)
Please see my link below:

I just found out 2 more important things :)

1) Splendies is $12 a month but people can get their first month for just $8 using coupon code "Splendies"
2) They also have a similar service called Volupties for ($17 - $12 for the first month with coupon code "Volupties") plus sizes as well.