TreeSmart Industries INC

disclaimer: I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

TreeSmart Industries INC 

I'm super excited to tell you about my very first Back-To-School company!  

Over the next few weeks I will have fun posts introducing you to amazing companies to help you and the student in your life get ready for back to school!
To keep track of all the posts I have a new tab on my blog.  Keep an eye on this "Back to School Tab," because soon it will be filled up with lots of great companies and links to some giveaways.

Lets start this off with an amazing company,  that not only offers a great back to school item, but is also doing their part to make our world a better place!
TreeSmart Industries INC is a company that make products out of recycled newspaper and plastic.  There are no toxin or chemicals in these products.  Right now they carry pencils, rulers and colored pencils.  And I'm super excited to announce later in the year they will carry mechanical pencil, pencil cases and supply boxes!!  All of it made from recycled material!  

I want to tell you a bit more about the products I was able to review.

Mini Color Pencils in a Tube - 12 recycled newspaper colored pencils.  They come in a cute little tube making it easy to store in your little ones book bag.  They come in all the necessary colors are really easy to sharpen and are super durable!  I was afraid since they were made with newspaper they would snap easily, that was so not the case and I am really impressed with how strong they are.  

Newspaper Pencils - I'm pretty sure by now you realize that they are made of newspaper :).  They write perfectly and sharpen easily.  Even though changing which pencils we use may seem like such a small step in making our planet a better place it really is a huge step.  For each person and company that decides to be green and do the little things it will all eventually add up and hopefully keep the earth a healthy happy place.
The Newspaper pencils are again really strong and write smoothly.  The erasers are latex free and don't smudge!  My son can't wait for the kids to see his newspaper pencils. I'm sure the other kids are going to be impressed that his pencils were once a newspaper!!

Last but not least was the 6" Recylced Newspaper/Plastic Rulers.  Again another great product from TreeSmart Industries INC. and just one more small step in making our world better.

And they just keep giving.  I'm excited to tell you about their School Activity program/fund raiser for the classroom!
Students collect newspapers in exchange for pencils. These are custom printed with school's name on package.  A set of 4 pencils to be sold as a Fund Raiser. Helping to earn money for the classroom. This is a fun and easy Back to School fund raising program. Not only does it help earn money, but it sets a good example!  Recycled Newspaper Pencils with your school's name printed on each pencil is the perfect message to teach recycling and also to prove that your school cares about the environment  

You can sell each packet or 4 pencils with custom label for $2.00 giving your school a great profit! Plus Tree Smart covers the shipping cost!  They will provide the school with a prepaid shipping label for ONE large priority mail carton of newspapers and FREE shipping back to the school with Fund Raiser pencils. You can call for details: 1-800-459-8767

You can learn more here:
School fundraiser program

I think this is an amazing way to earn cash and to raise awareness for a great company!!

Back to School time is a hectic part of the year why not give yourself a little peace of mind knowing that you are buying green :)!

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