Best friend box Review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  The products in this post were given to me for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

Best friend box Review and giveaway

Let me start off my review by saying my pets are part of my family.  I love all of them and each and everyone of them hold a special place in my heart.  My pets each have their own personality and each of them have their own quirks.
Lucy my black lab is a brat!  I can tell her no 10 times, but if she has her heart set on something she wont stop until she gets it.  
Emma my beagle as much as I love her she is kinda doppy she sleeps all day and the only time she gets up is for food.
Rufus is my puggle and my naughtiest.  I feel like he has to have 24/7 adult supervision and even then it doesn't help!  If he sees me doing something he must destroy it, I can't even read in the same room as him because he tries to eat my books right out of my hand. 
Last is my rescue kitty I wont lie to you I'm not a cat person.  To be honest I think cats are lazy and mean lol, but when my sister found a half starved cat on the road it broke my heart to know someone threw her out like trash.  She even though I don't like cats I love mine.  She tends to follow me around and just meow non-stop....  I think she has an ultimate plan of driving me insane.. Oh and my kiddos named her Miss Kitty.

I don't talk overly much about my pets because I can't talk about my pets without bringing up Rocky even though he has passed away he is still a huge part of my heart you can read more Rocky's Story

My pets are my family and like the rest of my family they like getting special treats and gifts.  I know anyone who reads my blog knows I LOVE monthly boxes :)  Something about them is just so much fun, getting new and fun products each month and never knowing just what is going to be in the box.
 I'm sure most of you will be as surprised as I was to learn there is also a pet box!!
Best Friend box is a monthly box filled with gourmet treats, toys and grooming items.  Delivered right to your door!  You can get them for your cat or your dog and they are even customized to their size.  For $30 a month you get a box loaded with fun pet items!
Lucy my lab is my oldest I had her since the summer I graduated in 2006.  Lucy was with me before my hubby and I even lived together.  I know I tend to spoil her, hence why she is such a brat!  When it came time to picking a Best Friend Box I knew I was getting a medium.  Please note I'm not evil I did make her share with Rufus and Emma.....  Miss Kitty was off asleep somewhere so she has no clue she missed out :)

They LOVE it!  I swear they knew the moment it arrived that it was for them....  I assume my pups smelled something yummy inside.

My pup's box had so much inside

Dog Fashion Spa Paw Brush - Super soft brush that can be used to clean off their paws when they come indoors.  Not only keeping their paws clean, but also keeping excess dirt off my floor!

2 kinds of Bow-wow Barkery chew on this Jerky.  One beef Flavor and one chicken flavor.

Next they got a super cute West Paw Design Flyer!  I'm sure you can see from the photo that Rufus claimed this for himself :)

My 3 pups loved the Best Friend Box!  They got treats and a toy and I got something to groom them!!  

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