Epica Citrus Juicer review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

Epica Citrus Juicer review

The one thing I have always wanted was my own juicer.  The idea of making my own "fresh as fresh can be" juice has always been something I wanted to do.  With so many juicers though I could never decide which one to try.  Then I came across the Epica Citrus Juicer.
This juicer is a one-hand operation with 2 little kids and 3 dogs sometimes one hand is all I have!  So the fact the juicer is so simple it can be handled one handed was a huge plus for me!!

The next great feature was its size.  Its compact size saves me so much counter-top space.  I'm one of those people who have so many small appliance that my counter top space is becoming very limited. Oh and the cord winds up and tucks neatly away under the device.  Saving me yet more room :)

The juicer itself is 70 Watts of Power. Though it has a lot of power the Epica doesn't make a lot of noise. 
Easy, One-Touch Operation No buttons to push or switches to flip. The Epica starts juicing automatically when you press a citrus fruit onto the top.  It also stops automatically when you stop putting pressure on the fruit.  I thought this was great I don't have to worry about switches or my kids flipping it on.  It has an easy sprout in the front.  You simply put it up or down to make juice flow or stop.  I love that I don't have to pour I normally make a huge mess.
I love that I can make anything in this juicer from Limes to Grapefruits.

I'm sure you can see from my oranges that it gets everything!!  I was so impressed that it hardly left anything behind :).  There is two reamers 1 for smaller items like lemons and the bigger one for oranges and grapefruits.

I know for a fact that after making my own juice in the Epica Citrus Juicer its going to be very hard drink store bought juice!!

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